Repair, Retrieve, Restore, Access & Manage Your Important Files!

"Stuck with no hope to repair corrupt or damaged files - Here is the Cure!"

  • Repair & restore any kind of corrupt Office files like Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.
  • Effectively repair and retrieve corrupt mailboxes, emails, PST, OST, DBX files etc.
  • Restore damaged database files of SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Entourage and other databases.
  • Also repair other crucial day to day files like PDF, PSD, ZIP, RAR, BKF files etc.

About File Repair Tools

FileRepairTools provide you tools and utilities to repair files and extract data from dozens of corrupt or damaged database, email, office productivity application file formats and others. We specialize to provide you with solutions to repair and recover information from damaged or corrupt storages that simply can't be accessible by their designated programs or applications.

While using any application and its related file, you should always keep one thing in mind that every single file can get corrupt at any point of time due to one or the other reasons. But that doesn't mean that you lost your file or you won't be able to access those files again. You can easily fix the corruption issue using professional and reliable File Repair Software. But prior to that it is important to evaluate or find the causes behind the corruption of file, so that you can work the things out easily. Below mentioned are some of the common categories of files that people use in their day to day life and face issues when they get corrupt or damage. Corruption of file leaves you with the only option to use third party software to repair it, so just pick your file type and use professional & sophisticated file repair software to repair, restore and access all the contents stored in it.

Repair MS Office Files

Repair inaccessible, corrupt or damaged MS Office files including (.docx), (.xlsx), (.pptx), (.mdb) and others. Easy, simple and effective restoration of all-time crucial office and home stuffs.

Repair Damaged Exchange Server Files

Repair and restore corrupt Exchange Server Database files including (.edb), Zarafa and others. Access exchange server's objects, mailboxes, database objects and others.

Repair Corrupt Database Files

Repair corrupt database files including files of SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Entourage etc. and restore all the data from tables and save results of subsequent reviews, database rebuild and modification.

Repair Corrupt Email Files & Objects

Repair mailboxes, individual messages, folders and others from email applications like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, SharePoint databases and others. Retrieve files and rebuild damaged stores in just few clicks.

Repair Other Important Files

Repair day to day usable files including Photoshop's PSD, PDF, compressed ZIP or RAR file, Microsoft's backup BKF file and others.

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