10 Ways to Recover a Corrupted Microsoft Word Document

By | August 12, 2016

10 Tips to recover MS Word File

Your MS Word documents got corrupted? Are you not able to access text data stored in it? Have you lost your critical information as well as your countless hours of works? Are you looking for an easy solution on how to troubleshoot Microsoft Word document corruption and restore data back? Or do you have (.doc & .docx) files but you are not able to access the content from them as they are damaged or corrupted?

If answer is “yes” to above all question or any one of the question then you have landed on the right webpage.  Here are some tips and tricks that will help you to deal with corrupted or damaged Word Document.

Tip 1- Never Assume that the Document is Damaged/Corrupt

It is suggested that you should not assume that your Word files (.doc or .docx) is corrupt. It might be that your Word application or Windows having the problem. So, it is advicced that before you proceed to restore a backup or repair a document, try to open other Word files. You can also try to open your corrupt files on another computer. You may find that your documents are working fine.

Tip 2 – Use Inbuilt Open And Repair Utility

Microsoft Word App comes with inbuilt utility knows as “Open & Repair”. One can perform Word repair by using this inbuilt utility that will force the application to attempt recovery. You need to just select the corrupt file from the Open dialogue box and then select the Open and Repair from the Open drop-down list that is placed in the bottom right corner. However, this is not a foolproof solution, but yes it help to fix several minor and major Word corruption.

Tip 3 – Use the Backup

It is always suggested that you must always keep a backup of your important files and documents. So, if you have already kept the proper and valid backup then you can restore your Word files from the latest and valid backup.

Tip 4 – Create a Copy of the Word Document

However this is not a Word recovery solution, but this is very important step if you do not have any backup. So, it is suggested that you must keep a copy of your document files do that if in case you’re your files gets corrupt or damaged in future then you can restore your data from the backup.

Tip 5 – Check your Email Inbox or Sent Item

It may be possible that you might have emailed a copy of the document files or you have received it from other users. If, so then there will be still a copy of document in your email, hence you can check your both sent item as well inbox folder and look for the document name.

Tip 6 – Try to Export the File

If you are able to open your Word file, then you can try to save it in different file format. Sometimes saving the files in format such as TXT or RTF prevent some of the Word’s properties to get disabled, which often fixes the issue.

Tip 7 – Extract the Raw Text

The above tips help you to fix the problem when you are able to open the file, but what when you are not able to document. Then in such case you can proceed further by using another word processor that supports Word documents.  You can make use of file editor (a hex editor), which allow you to manually extract data from the file.

Tip 8 – Use Word’s Text Converter

You can also restore text of document with the help of Word’s text converter.

  • Open Word application. Go to File>Open
  • From the Open dialogue box, choose the corrupted Word file
  • Select Recover Text From Any File from the Files Of Type drop-down list and open the document
  • This filter option will import the directly ASCII text from any file

You may lose the original formatting of the Word and nontext such as pictures, graphics, hyperlinks, but yes you will be able to at least extract majority of text data.

Note – this is for user who uses Word 97 – 2003 version (not Docx or DOTX files)

Tip 9 – Run CHKDSK

The problem can be caused by corruption at the files system level. So in this case you can try running CHKDSK against the volume having the corrupted file as it can help you to fix the problem. If it does not help you fix the problem then it will at least help you to configure whether the problem exist in the document or file system level.

Tip 10: Use a Word Recovery Program (Recommended)

Well, if none of the above helps you to Word document repair and restore your data, then you can use any third party MS Word Recovery software.  There are several third party software available in the market that is designed to repair and restore corrupted or damaged Word document. Among them one of the best software is Word File Repair Tool. Though such data recovery program may be expensive but they offer positive result.

MS Word file Repair Tool provides you with a tool that helps you to fix file and pull out data from office application. This will provide you with specialized solution to repair and recover information from damaged or corrupt .doc files that simply cannot be accessible by using MS Word application.

Always remember that whether it is a Word document or any other document it can get corrupted at any point of time and reason could be anything. Therefore in order to regain access to your lost or corrupted data it must be fixed using reliable software and MS Word File Repair Tool is the best available option.

While using any application and files related to it always remember that any moment you may fall in the corruption scenario of respective file. but that does not means that you have permanently lost access to the data of that file. You can fix any sort of error and issue with MS Word files with the help of this magical tool called MS Word File Repair Tool. This application is professionally designed and very reliable for the sake of repairing corrupt and damaged Word files. But one more thing is important that the main reason for the corruption should be known to fix it in the best way possible. But severe corruption and damage leaves only with an option of third party recovery tool and there is no better option for this purpose except MS Word File Repair Tool that can repair and retrieve all the content in the damaged .doc file.


Features of MS Word Repair Tool

Safe Recovery

File having .doc and .docx extension are easily repaired with this tool and also preserves original text, header footer, images, fonts, text, etc. Inaccessible files are safely restored and unreadable characters are shown.

Locates Word File

If location of corrupted Word file is unknown or if it was moved from its previous location then you can spot the current location of the file with this software.

Shows File Preview

After scanning before recovery you can also view you files and select the files that you want to repair this saves recovery time. You can preview files in three formats such as Full Document, Raw Text and Filtered Text.

Simple Repair option

This is used for repairing common errors and retrieves your Word file wit original formatting.

Advance Repair Option

If simple repair option fails to satisfy you with its results then you can pick advanced repair option but this is offered only for .doc files.

Raw Recovery

You can opt for this when advanced repair fails to accomplish your desired aim. This is also applicable only for .doc files but retrieve data only in RAW text that’s read only by machine.

Generation of Log Report

After completing Word repair process, software provides you an option to save its log file. Log files surround all information regarding recovery procedure like name, beginning of repairing process and end of process.

Do-It Yourself User Interface

This software has straightforward and intuitive user interface that can be used by any general user without requiring any technical specification or assistance.

Covers all Word File Corruption Errors

Software offers elevated scalability by permitting you to overcome all Word file corruption errors. Using this tool minor and major repairing process can be done easily.

Support & Compatibility

This software is compatible to all the version of MS Office suit including 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000 and also works efficiently with all the versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, and NT.

Steps To Recover Corrupted MicroSoft WOrd File

Step 1: Select a single file by clicking ‘Select File’ option or a folder containing all word files click ‘Select Folder’ or to find the file click on the ‘Find File’ option.

User guide step 1

Step 2: A list of selected file is displayed, Select the Word file by using checkbox that you want to repair or to select all files mark the ‘Select All’ checkbox. Click on the ‘Scan’ button.

user guide step 2

Step 3: You can see the preview of the scanned file by clicking on the file in both ‘Full document; and ‘Filtered text’ formats by clicking the tab given on the middle pane of the window.

Word file

Step 4: if the scanned word file sis a *.doc file, then preview is available in ’Raw text’ format along with ‘Full Document’ and ‘Filtered Text’ formats. But the ‘Raw text’ is not available for *.docx file formats.

Word fileStep 5: To repair click on the click on the ‘Start Repair’ option. Select the option for saving your file from ‘Save Document’ dialog box and click ‘Ok’ button.Word file