How to Fix “404 Error” in Mp4 Video File

By | December 15, 2015

fix Mp4 404 error

“Please help! I am running a Win2K3 server and I have a Mp4 file. I uploaded the file and added the link to the ASP page. And when I click the link it shows the 404 Page Not Found Error, even the file has been uploaded to the server. Then I changed the extensions on the remote server to MP3, and checked that link in my browser, it works here. This is really very annoying, can’t seem to find any help while searching the web. It seems like it would be some Mime setting, .htaccess or something, neither of which do I have much experience with. Really need help. Any suggestion regarding fixing this 404 error will be appreciable.”

The Mp4 video is a container file format consists of two separate streams for audio and video data. It is a digital multimedia format which is most commonly used to store audio and video file format, but it can also be used to store other data like subtitles and images. Movie file with .mp4 file extension generates superior image quality and excellent HD effect. And these videos file can be played in numerous multimedia players on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is larger in size and contains advanced audio and video codec’s. But like other video file format it also gets corrupted due to numerous reasons and start throwing error message like 404 error, file not found, Mp4 unsupported file type error and many more. So know the causes responsible for the Mp4 file corruption and showing error:


Causes liable for causing 404 Error in Mp4

  • During recording MP4 video when the storage media is full.
  • Improper deletion of hardware or other application
  • MP4 header files corruption.
  • Virus infection or bad sectors on the storage drive containing MP4 movies
  • During converting the file to another file format.
  • Due to damage Windows system files.
  • Usage of improper Codec to play the MP4 file on any particular multimedia player

However, don’t worry what may the reasons behind the 404 error in Mp4 files. This critical error can be handled by employing a reliable Mp4 Video Repair Tool.

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Automated solution to Solve Mp4 404 Error:

repair mp4 video files

By making use of the best MP4 File Repair Tool, you can fix the error. It is the very powerful tool to fix Mp4 error. It can repair and recovers HD video files that get corrupted, damaged, and unresponsive due to errors, Mp4 files of larger size and many more. This tool works efficiently because it isolate stream of video data to that of audio data and later link up them to form a final playable video file. With the help of it you can also fix unreadable Mp4 video files.

Step to use mp4 file repair tool

Step 1: Download and install MP4 file repair tool and open to get a Windows as shown below.

mp4 eof error

Step 2: You have to select a healthy file as a reference and a corrupted MP4 file to repair and press “Repair”.

mp4 eof error1

Step 3: You can see that your corrupt MP4 file is getting repaired. After the file is repaired following window will appear where you can preview the repaired file.

Step 4: Press “Save” in order to save your repaired MP4 file on your desktop.

Conclusion: Hope that you get the sufficient information about Mp4 file and know the causes behind showing errors in Mp4 files. you can use the Mp4 File Repair tool to fix the 404 error in Mp4.

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