7 Effective Tips to Avoid Outlook PST Corruptions!!!

By | December 7, 2015

Tips to Avoid Outlook PST Corruptions Microsoft’s application “Outlook’ is one of the leading and widely used messaging email client. It is the only application that is integrated into MS Office and Exchange Server. There are several users using this application to communicate and share information efficiently. Moreover, it assists them to search and arrange information so that they can work smoothly with office application. Outlook has many features such as sent items, inbox items, drafts, deleted items, calendar items, tasks, notes, etc. Ann all these information or data is stored in separate folders known as PST File (Personal Storage File).

PST files are portable and it can be easily transferred to any external storage device. And these files can also be protected with a unique password to secure sensitive information. In addition there are several advantages of Outlook application, but these files are highly prone to corruptions and thereby you cannot access your Outlook applications and its data. There could be several reasons behind Outlook PST file corruptions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Virus or Malware Infections
  • Improper Exit of Outlook Application
  • Sudden power failure while you are working on MS Outlook
  • When storage limits of PST file exceeds
  • Network issues while you work on Outlook
  • Using of incompatible or ineffectual Outlook recovery program

The above mentioned reasons are just the few common issues but there are other several issues due to which PST files can get corrupt or damaged. In such cases, most of the users look for the third party PST Repair and recovery tool because the unknown problems are not solved by inbuilt scanpst.exe utility. Therefore, in order to avoid Outlook PST corruptions follow the below mentioned tips:

1 – Do not Exceed the Storage Limitindex

There are different size limit is predefined in every version of Outlook application. The earlier version Outlook 2002 has a limit of 2GB. However, the new versions have larger storage capacity and also alert the users when it reaches the defined limit. If you store data by exceeding the limit then PST file gets corrupt. Hence, it is recommended that you must never exceed the storage limit of PST files. (You might be interested reading – Repair PST File When It Exceeds 2GB Size Limit?)

2 – Avoid Abrupt Exit of Outlook

If your Outlook application exit improperly such as without following proper exit of application then it may cause PST file to get corrupt. So, whenever you shutdown your PC just check twice whether your outlook application is ruining or not, if it is running then properly exit the application and then shut down PC. You must use UPS to avoid sudden system shut down.

3 – Manage the Limit of Outlook or Emails Items at Time

It is suggested that you must perform for a limit of emails that is approximately 10,000 at time. If you exceed this limit and try to delete or move your files, then there are chances your Outlook may get freeze or hangs and you may then tries to restart your computer which may result in data loss.

4 – Create and Maintain a Regular Backup

This is a useful practice to overcome PST file corruption. You must utilize this practice and must create and maintain the backup of PST files on regular intervals. This is because if your PST files get corrupted then you can restore from the backup.

5 – Never Save PST file on Server

It is advised that you must save your PST file in your PC instead of saving it in a Network server. It is because if you save your files in network server then they will easily expose to virus/malware and your files get corrupt.

6 – Must Keep Authorized Antivirus Application

You must never use unauthorized anti-virus program. If you will find on internet then there are several anti-virus program available online, which users install on their PC because they are free of cost, but they must also be aware that they may lose their valuable data, if they do so. Hence it is recommended that you must use trusted antivirus and read its review before use.

7 – Clean Your System

It is also advised that you must keep your system or device you are using it should be in clean state, because there are chances that system’s files corrupt the running applications.

However, even after following the above mentioned tips, your Outlook PST files gets damaged or corrupted and you face any data loss then in such conditions you can take help of professional Outlook PST Repair Tool that can help you quickly fix corrupt outlook PST files, no matter whatever Outlook version you are using.

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Steps to Repair And Recover Corrupt Outlook PST file

Step 1: Download, install and run Repair tool. Then click on ‘select outlook file’ to choose the PST file where you want to work or you may find the specific PST file also.


Step 2: Press “start” to begin scanning, once you have selected the PST file.

outlookpsterror2Step 3: After scanning, all mailbox folders and other data emerging on left side of window. Choose files of your choice from those.


Step 4: Then “save recovered file” to restore files on your system.


Step 5: After saving your files, a dialogue box will appear that verifies that files are stored and also displays “destination path” and “recovered file size”.


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If you are MS Outlook users then the above tips will help you to avoid Outlook PST file corruption. Though, there are some cases where users still face the corruption issue even after following the above mentioned tips. In this case you they can use PST Repair tool.