Access 2007 database: “Action Failed Error Number: 2950”

By | September 7, 2015


Cause of error 2950

If the database is not trusted by Access 2007, then this error occurs. On opening the databases by default, in Access 2007, generally the Disabled mode is not trusted. The executable content is disabled in the Disabled mode.

2950 Error Symptoms:

When you are running a macro in a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database usually known as Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) function, you would receive the error message which is mentioned below:

Action Failed

Macro Name:


Action Name:


Error Number:

Solution for this error:

If you want to enable the database and at the same time you trust the author of the Access 2007 database, then you can follow any of the following methods which is mentioned below.

Method 1: Move the database to a trusted location

The steps to move the database to the trusted location are mentioned below:

  1. You have to determine trusted locations where you can move the database. The steps are as follows:

a)       Select the Microsoft Office Button, and then Select Access Options.

b)      Select Trust Center, and then Select Trust Center Settings under Microsoft Office Access Trust Center.

c)       Select the Trusted Locations, and then you can follow any of the following procedures:

  • You have to make a note of the paths of the trusted locations that are listed.
  • In order to add a new trusted location you have to select Add new location, and then you have to specify the location of the path which needs to be added.
  1. Move the Access 2007 database to the trusted location that you want. 

Method 2: The current session of the database should be enabled.

Using this method in Access 2007 would enable the database till you the database are closed. In order to enable the current session of the database you have to follow these steps:

  1. On the Message Bar, click Options.
  2. In the Microsoft Office Security Options dialog box, select Enable this content, and then hit OK.

Note You have to follow these steps each and every time while opening the database.

In order to test whether a database can be trusted while you are opening the database, you can use an AutoExec macro. Moreover, a customized message form would be displayed to the user, when the macro is opened, if the database is not trusted. By this message the users comes to know whether the database has to be enabled or trusted in order to run the code successfully.

You have to follow these steps in order to create the AutoExec macro and the form:

  1. In Design view you have to create a new form.
  2. Add a label or a text box to the form, and then you have to type the information which you want the user to see.
  3. Save and then close the form.
  4. Create a macro, and then name the macro AutoExec.
  5. See the Conditions column.
  6. In the Conditions column you have to type the following line:

CurrentProject.IsTrusted = False

7. Select the OpenForm, in the Actions column.
8. In the Form Name box under Action Arguments, select the form which you have created in step 1.
9. Save and then close the macro.

After following the above mentioned steps still you are facing the problem. Then in that case you can use the use Access Repair Tool to eliminate this error. This is professional software which is equipped to tackle any sorts of error related to MS access file. Moreover this software can support the following Microsoft Access versions 95, 97, 2000, 2003, 2007, and 2010. Another important thing is that it is user-friendly and easy to use GUI.

downloadnow-file buynowfile learn-more-button-orangefile

steps to repair this error

Step 1:Download and install Stellar Phoenix Access recovery software.


Step 2: Just click on “Open MS access file” button on the toolbar. You will find a pop-up window from where you can search or select for an ‘.mdb’/’.accdb’ file in your PC.


Step 3: Look at the image below you will find same image in your computer screen. With the help of this “Customers” table you will be able to view both the data and column information.


Step 4:Preview the column information of “Employees” table.


Step 5: Now you will the preview of database query.