Access db compact and repair issue!

By | August 26, 2014

Ms Access databse compcat and repair problems

Ms Access database is prone and this is not something to be shocked about. All computer programs face corruption and failures at several intervals of time. All programs sometimes require treatment for fixing corruption and errors to recover most important data that is lost due to corruption or fatal errors.

Mostly, Access files get corrupted due to the improper handling and system created errors. But, sometimes you may notice that even after protecting your data, certain loopholes allow the errors corrupt your program that further leads to inaccessible database files.

In such cases it becomes important to recover your Ms Access crucial data. For this Microsoft offers an excellent built in utility known as “Compact and Repair” that will help you in recovering original data from the damaged Access Database files. It can effectively perform recovery on your corrupt files, as well as it is cost effective solution. For minor errors, you may not to spend on costly tools that are developed for database recovery.

But sometimes we have also notice that this inbuilt Access utility “compact and repair” does not work and it fails to fix and repair Access database files. Let us take real example – One of the users tries to compact and repair his Access Database file, the process gets about half way through and then it begins to start giving error message – “Microsoft Office Access has encountered a problem and needs to close.” This error message offer the users with option to “Repair my open database and restart Microsoft Office Access” (which he is already trying to do in first place), but still he has gone ahead and give that try once again, but he notice that it is not allowing him to save the backup copy of the database. Also, every time when he try to Compact and Repair, it gives him a db1.mdb file. We know that when it compacts and repairs it creates the new .mdb file and then deletes it when it’s done, but for some reason it’s getting hung up.Therefore, he is looking for the any best solution that can fix his Ms Access application so that he can get the data back and access to Ms Access application.

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How to fix Access “Compact and Repair” issues

The “Compact and Repair” problems occurs when Access isn’t able to save the compacted database under the “old official” name. A compact and repair utility always create a temp database (db1.mdb) to store the output. So, to fix access db “Compact and Repair” issues just check or the database does work and remove the old one and rename the new one. You could also try a new compact and repair, but make sure while you perform this process, no objects are open when you starts the compact & repair.

However, if you want to fix Ms Access database corruption or issues of compact and repair utility instantly, then you can use an authentic MS Access Database Repair tool that can resolve issues in quick and effective way. It will fix all the errors and corruption mentioned above and you can easily access your important data that you have stored in your database. Check out how MS Access Database Repair tool can e helpful for you. Download the free trial version now; you can check the performance prior investing in it.

steps to repair the error:

Step 1:Download and install Stellar Phoenix Access recovery software.


Step 2: Just click on “Open MS access file” button on the toolbar. You will find a pop-up window from where you can search or select for an ‘.mdb’/’.accdb’ file in your PC.


Step 3: Look at the image below you will find same image in your computer screen. With the help of this “Customers” table you will be able to view both the data and column information.


Step 4:Preview the column information of “Employees” table.


Step 5: Now you will the preview of database query.