Adobe InDesign Auto-Recovery was not working

By | January 21, 2016

Adobe InDesign Auto-Recovery was not workingAdobe InDesign is a tool for desktop publishing created by Adobe. It is very helpful in creating flyers, brochures, magazines, posters, newspapers, and books.

Production artists and graphics designers are generally using this tool to create and layout journal magazines, print media, and posters.

It also carries export to SWF and EPUB formats for e-books and digital publications, that include digital magazines, substance appropriate for utilization on gadgets like PC, Tab, etc.

Furthermore, it supports style sheets, XML and extra coding languages, that makes it apt for exporting text content that is to be used in other online and digital formats.


InDesign automatic document recovery

While you make variations to a document of InDesign, by default it performs a mini-save of changes once every minute.

These files are being stored by InDesign in the recovery folder, add changes to the documents and delete temporary files every time you chose File > Save.

In case of crash or corruption InDesign make use of these files only to recover them back.


Process of InDesign Recovery

There is a separate InDesign recovery folder for every user. InDesign first tries to locate InDesign folder and recover from that folder but if it is not able to find it then this application recreates the folder at the time of start-up.

A temporary file is created with mini-saved information for every document of InDesign.

Name of these files always start with Indesign, these files start with “dbt” and end with “tmp”.

Default setting: A temporary file that stores default settings. It is the first temp file listed when you make use contents within InDesign recovery folder.

Data Recovery: An index for every InDesign crashed documents, involving their complete path names. List of open documents consists of path, not aliases, which means InDesign is unable to recover files that you shift or rename after a crash.

Protective Shutdown Log: Log file is generated if InDesign crashes due to the way of infringement. This file is obliging for recognizing precise plug-in that’s responsible for causing an error.


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InDesign Recovery folder locations

  • Mac OS X: Users/[User Name]/Library/Cache/Adobe InDesign/Version[#.0]/InDesign Recovery
  • Windows: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version [#].0\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery


Manual Solution

Eliminate files from recovery folder document

Situate these files to desktop, and try to recuperate them as discussed below,

In user preferences, document recovery can be changed. The default path is scheduled underneath, but ensure location Preferences > File Handling > Document Data Recovery to be assured.

  • On Mac OS:/[Hard Drive]/Users/[User Name]/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign/Version [#.0]/InDesign Recovery
  • On Windows XP:C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\InDesign\Version [#.0]\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery
  • On Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above:C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version [#.0]\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery


Fully Automatic Solution to Repair InDesign:

If the above-discussed method is not able to give the desired result then you can make use of third party tool in order to solve any sort of InDesign issues. And the best available tool for this purpose is InDesign File Repair Tool.

This is capable of fixing all possible error with InDesign like CS5 error code, CS6 error code, etc. This tool can even repair and recover InDesign file from within MAC hard drive. INDD file repair of Creative Cloud, CS6 and CS5 is also supported. Moreover, it is extremely simple and has a friendly interface that can be operated by anyone without any issue.


Steps to repair InDesign:

Step 1: Install and launch InDesign Repair Tool. Here, the main software boundary illustrates capabilities and features. Click ‘Next’ to advance ahead.


Step 2: You can ‘Select File’ so that you can browse the preferred segment on your Mac and then pick the damage INDD file.


Step 3: Or choose personage hard drive or volume so as to verify all INDD files. After INDD files are listed, you can opt for troubled one and click ‘Repair’ option.


Step 4: In development bar, you can check ongoing process.


Step 5: Software opens up a repaired file with Adobe InDesign to demonstrate its preview when file is repaired.


Step 6: When you press ‘Save’, the InDesign Repair tool accumulates repaired INDD file to default spot or any additional particular scene.