Can corrupt Mp4 files infect Win/ Mac PC with malware/adware/spyware?

By | January 4, 2017

mp4-repairMedia files have become an integral part of daily life and they occupy much of our digital space in the form of entertainment, memories, security, etc. Presently thinking of without them is nearly impossible. We require them at every point of our life and have become dependent on them. Sharing media files is done everyday, mostly entertainment files. But how many of us have taken care while sharing these media files, probably no one.

Most of the time virus gets through into your device because of carelessness while sharing these files. If care would have been taken while sharing these files then infected files may not have entered your device. Corrupt media files can contain malicious encoded data which may harm your device and even can steal away information from your device.

Reasons for Viruses

  • Frequently used media players giving exposure to hackers, they can encode files in them which would be harmful.
  • Mostly available different mp4 player, codecs and audio file all around are generally written by non-secure applications. people.
  • Binary streams buildup file formats tend to be reasonably complex. To manipulate them, much parsing is required and playback calculations can easily result in minute bugs
  • Untrusted input is taken by players from many different unreliable sources often over the network and run with fairly high privilege and priority.
  • Mostly they are perceived as harmless as users are likely to play files using it, forgetting the fact that they can be corrupted easily also.
  • Frequently they are invoked without the user’s explicit acknowledgment that is embedded in a webpage.

Vulnerabilities for mp4 files

The most typical vulnerability vectors are

  • fuzzing the media player by a modified video file.
  • embedding hyperlinks in a video file.
  1. Fuzzing:   A generic method forcibly used to make a program behave unexpectedly by providing invalid, unexpected or random data to the inputs. Fuzzing is used by developers to ensure robustness of code to used to exploit.  Mp4 players supposed “format strict”, a corrupted real video can expose many bugs caused by null pointers dereferencing which shows inappropriate memory access, which indicates the possibility of writing to memory that is not intended to be written..

2. A more direct method is by obtained by embedding a URL into modern media files.In this, url is embedded into modern media files that will execute when a particular file is executed. When  a code executes, the user is directed to download an executable file, often disguises as a codec and prompts users to download files to play the media. Not all plays have against malicious urls, so never run media players with elevated privileged and don’t accept download of unknown codecs and licenses.

Can corrupt Mp4 files infect Win/ Mac PC?

Video files are not taken as something potentially malicious  files or infected files but it is not impossible to do so. The answer to this yes and no both. Yes, because if some virus is embedded within the file and is executed then it can prove vulnerable to your device and can affect your files. But embedded files will not get executed until and unless they are opened. Due to this, media files are incredibly ingruing threat vectors for anti-malware .

Mp4 Tool Repair- the ultimate repair tool

If nothing came  out to rescue then you should try this repair tool which would not require any pre requisites to repair your video.  MP4 Repair Tool is one of the effective repair tools to fix this kind o error. This repair tool can also repair high definition video clips. Using this tool, you can also preview the repaired file before saving them.

Steps to repair mp4 video error:

Step 1: 

Use guide for recover corrupted MP4 file

 Step 2:

User guide for recover Corrupted MP4 file

 Step 3:

User guide foe recover corrupted MP4 file

 Step 4:


Step 5: