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DB2 Basics: Backups of Data and Recovery

Why we need Backup? Keeping backup of any DBAs is very important. It should be one of the first and last things that we must do correctly. We should keep backup so that we can restore data back if there is any unexpected situations comes in such as hardware or software failure, human errors, etc. And hence we… Read More »

How to fix DB2.EXE error?

Generally you can find our database consists of 5 different file names. All the file names have description IBM (R) DB2 (R) and this is executable file. Generally you can find this running on Task Manager while the process db2.exe. This error codes are caused either by misconfigured system or by some other way in your windows operating… Read More »

Tips to Improve DB2 Performance!

Apart from several problems, the issue of performance is also one of the most concerned problems for DB2 users. And if you are Database Administrator then this concerned becomes more important for you. You have to look at such problems more carefully and you have to take all the appropriate measures to solve this. It means being a… Read More »

How to Restore Database from online backup?

If you have an online backup that has the database test with the Time stamp (T1). The steps to take the online backup can be viewed at for DB2 Online Backup. Recovery is required due to data loss for various reasons or records that might have been deleted by mistakenly. Then to restore from the online backup image… Read More »