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How to fix QuickTime MP4 file error message 8971?

QuickTime is kind of a media player that’s developed by Apple Inc and is very useful for playing files that includes digital videos, images, pictures, etc. This video player can moreover play videos being online in amazingly high-class quality. This video player is friendly to both MAC and Windows and supports almost all the formats that are universally… Read More »

How to Fix 2041 Error in MP4 Video Files

Are you getting 2041 error in MP4 video files? And looking for a solution to fix this error? Then, no need to worry, here you will get the ideal solution to resolve this error in MP4 video files. MP4 is the most popular video file format equipped with a variety of features but sometime you might encounter an… Read More »

How to Repair H264 MP4 Video File on Mac?

H264 is a video codec that is used in various kinds of video file including MP4 video file. This video coding help in merging, trimming, cropping, and adding subtitles to the MP4 or MPEG-4 video file. The main purpose of this code is to record, compress and distribute video content over different media. MP4 file with h.264 codec… Read More »

How to Repair/Fix Truncated Mp4 File

MP4 file is a famous video file format that is playable by most of the multimedia devices. Today, devices like various mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc records video in .mp4 file format. It combines the video and audio information to a single video file. The size of the MP4 file is usually larger depending upon the different… Read More »

How to repair MP4 video not playing in VLC

Generally, VLC media player or simply VLC is a commonly used media player application, which is nowadays freely available. This media player almost designed for supporting all video and audio files, no matter in whichever file format they are being saved. This VLC is generally well accepted media player as it is quite easy to use wizard and also it’s has… Read More »

How to fix mp4 QuickTime 2048 errors

After downloading a MP4 file from internet or recording it in your camcorder have you ever come across situations where the file could not be played anymore and shows error messages like “Error 2048” ? Or do you have any idea what this Error 2048 is all about or how to fix this?

How to fix MP4 End of File Error?

Now a day people have great interest for recording and editing videos on their system. While playing or editing videos of MP4 file format, have you ever encountered “end of file” error? What is it? And how can you resolve it?

How To Repair Unplayable Mp4 File?

Mp4 is the most reliable video format but like any other video format it is also not completely free from corruption issue.  As corruption can occurs in the mp4 video because of any reason such as virus attack, recording videos while device is running out

How to Resolve MP4 Unsupported File Type Error?

Unable to play the Mp4 video files and you are facing “Unsupported File Type” error. It is the most common error which is related to Mp4 video file type. Users may encounter this type of error issues when they are trying to play their precious MP4 files. Usually this type of problem occurs when the media player gets… Read More »