The File (.docx) cannot be opened because there are Problems with the Contents – Unspecified Error!

By | June 29, 2015

unspecified error microsoft wordYou may receive a number of errors from Ms Word (.docx). However the “File (.docx) cannot be opened because there are Problems with the Contents – Unspecified Error” error can annoy you since Microsoft has not recommended any fix regarding this error. This error file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents is easy to resolve. This error is an Unspecified error and the screen prompts the information on where the error is located in the Word XML file (the exact line and column). Even if you try to fix the documents using the open and repair” feature it will not work in this situation. According to the information gained from the Microsoft site there are many complicated instructions about the unzipping of the Word files that gets you XML document, editing it and then again zipping it back. Here is some quick and easy work around and how it works (You will need Internet Explorer browser for this fix to work):


Step 1 – Firstly you need to open the Microsoft live or Hotmail account if you don’t have make one.

Step 2: from the top menu make the mouse to hover the “Office” logo and then click on the “your documents” as shown in the screen capture below.

Step 3 Next you need to navigate the “Add files” as shown below and select the corrupted .doc file from the location on your computer and upload it on the Office.

Step 4: Then Go to the My Documents” and click on “Edit in Browser” as it is shown in the screen shot.

Step 5: This will open the .docx file in the browser. You need to kindly note that this is the reason why you need to use Internet Explorer. This feature does not work with the Mozilla or Chrome.

Note: From the screen shot you will get the option of opening the document in Word. However you need to fix the document before opening it on the Word. This error is found in the documents that contains “table of contents”. Normally the document gets corrupted when you are saving it and Word is no longer able to read the table of contents. Here is the solution to delete the table of contents, you need to click on the “save” and then open the documents in the word by clicking on the “open in word” icon. It launch the MS Word 2007 on your computer, the document will open but without the table of content. All you need to do now is to rebuild your table of contents and save the document again.

By this you can fix your large documents but thus will does not help from the corruption of table of contents. You may able to recover them by using this method in fewer minutes. But for some reasons documents can be opened online but cannot open locally on your computer. This appears that there is a bug in the MS Word 2007 (.docx) which the guys of Microsoft do not want to admit to. In addition to it the entire fix that is present online on the Microsoft site DO NOT work in this situation.


But the MS Word File Repair Tool can to this for you it will help you in recovering back your data from even “file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents” error. It is one the best tool that helps you in repairing and recovering corrupt or inaccessible (.doc) and (.docx) files back. It extracts the content from the file and rebuilds a new healthy word file that you can access easily. So your document and table of content both gets safe even after the occurrence of such errors.

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User guide step 1Step 1:  User needs to just select a single file by clicking on a ‘Select File’ option or simply on a folder that contains all word files. They need to click on the ‘Select Folder’ or need to find the file clicking on the ‘Find File’ option.

 Step 2:  As a list of selected file is displayed, user need to thus make the selection of the Word file by using checkbox that they want to repair. They need to select all files by marking the ‘Select All’ checkbox. After that they need to  click on the ‘Scan’ button.user guide step 2

 Step 3: He/she could easily saw the preview of the scanned file just by clicking on the file in both ‘Full document; and ‘Filtered text’ formats by clicking the tab given on the middle pane of the window.Word file

 Step 4:  If the scanned word file sis a*.doc file, then there will a available preview in “Raw text” format along with the ‘Filtered Text’ formats and ‘Full Document’ and ‘Filtered Text’ formats.Word file

Step 5:   For repairing, user need to simply click on the click on the ‘Start Repair’ option.  Then they need to make selection of the option for saving their file from ‘Save Document’ dialog box and thus click ‘Ok’ button.Word file