The file you specified cannot be opened, While opening QuickBooks on Windows/Mac

By | December 1, 2015

The file you specified cannot be opened

Have you ever got “The file you specified cannot be opened”  warning while you are opening QuickBooks.

Cause: You may come across this error when the Windows is not able to install the updates that get downloaded by the QuickBooks due to permission of users or User Account Control settings of Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 8.

How to Fix:

There is more than 1 solution to solve this problem you must try them all.

Solution 1: Firstly run the QuickBooks as administrator

Then right click on the QuickBooks program icon on the desktop and then choose the “Run as Administrator”.

Solution 2:  Then you must ensure that the Windows permission is set correctly for QuickBooks to function.

Note: You must ensure that the QuickBooks is closed.

Then you need to go to C:\Program Files\ through Windows Explorer.

Note: If you see the C:\Program Files (x86)\ then go to the folder as this means that you have a 64 bit of computer.

  • Then you have to right click on the Intuit
  • Then you need to choose the properties.
  • Then click on the Security tab.
  • Then click on the advanced button.
  • Then click on the Owner tab.

The Current Owner field that is at the top ensures that the Users group is selected. If you see the SYSTEM or something other than the Users then you need to take the ownership of the inbuilt folder.

Then you need to select the Users (Computer Name\users) and ensure that the Full Control contains a check mark on it.

Then you need to click on OK to exit the Intuit folder properties window.

See if it resolves this issue that you are experiencing. If not then you will need to repeat these steps which are mentioned above for additional Intuit folder locations:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit, if you are on 64bit computer, then you will need to make use of C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intuit)
  • C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Intuit
  • C:\ProgramData\Intuit

Solution 3:  Then update your QuickBooks to a latest release.

Solution 4:  You can even go with the clean Install.

If these steps do not resolve your problem then you need to make use of QuickBook File Repair Tool. It is the best QuickBooks Data Recovery tool that helps to retrieve and recover back all your QBW databases and helps you to regain the full access to all your valuable business information that are related to the venders, customers and companies. All of your information will be saved properly as this tool provides guaranteed security of data. It helps to regain a quick access to your financial data which severely damages and leads to loss. Even this tool eliminates all the inconsistencies of the QBW files and helps you in getting rid of erroneous circumstances. It even repairs and recovers all the critical customers, employees, vendors related information efficiently.

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Steps to fix QuickBooks error:

Step 1: Download and install QuickBooks File Repair Tool and click on “Select File” button if you know the location of QuickBooks files or select “Search Files” if you don’t know the location of files.

QuickBooks error

Step 2: Click the ‘Scan File’ button for scanning the selected file.

QuickBooks error

Step 3: After then, click on the “Company” button to see the preview of scanned company information.

QuickBooks error

Step 4: By clicking on ‘Customer’ button, you can see the customer related information.

QuickBooks error

Step 5: Click on “Vendors” button to see the information of vendors.

QuickBooks error

Step 6: If you want to see the information of employees click on “Employees” button.

QuickBooks error

Step 7: Click on the “Repair” button, a “Save As” dialog box will appear select version, path and then click on the ‘Start’ button.

QuickBooks error

Step 8: If repair process is successfully completed then a message will appear as “repair process completed successfully”. Now click ‘OK’ and close the box.

QuickBooks error