How to Fix 0x80040600 Error Code in Outlook PST

By | February 21, 2016

Fix 0x80040600 Error Code

Outlook is kind of application that offers several advantages and benefits, but it is enjoyable till it is free from any sort of corruption but situation turns quite annoying when you face errors with MS Outlook. And one of most common error message most of users come across is “Receiving reported error (0x80040600): Unknown Error 0x80040600”. This error message simply signifies towards corrupt Outlook database.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table that amass crucial data and information such as calendars, email messages, entries, tasks, contacts, notes, and so on. In addition you also have Receive and Send characteristic which permits MS Outlook program to verify emails whenever you open it. These PST files get damaged for various causes such as MS Outlook improper termination, software failure, virus attack, sharing PST on dissimilar network, PST file over size, etc. Nevertheless there are certain cure that can be helpful to battle these forms of corruption and errors. Some of remedies are discussed underneath.

Resolution to solve Error 0x80040600

Outlook error code 0x80040600 is an issue, frequently connected to issues occur whilst reading, sending or receiving mails. Therefore prior thing that’s advised after coming across this error is simply restart Outlook application and even the system. If both this techniques fails to help you then you can make use of “Inbox Repair Tool” that’s actually a default utility attribute and is capable of fixing corrupted PST file. Modus operandi to fasten corrupt Outlook PST file with the help of tool given under:

First open “Start” menu -> “Run” -> and launch Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) by inserting the location path of the tool i.e. drive name: \Program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\Locale ID\scanpst.exe and press OK -> A message box will appear -> insert the name of the file and the path of corrupt PST file and the hit “Start” button.

Nonetheless the inbox repair tool takes extended time to mend damaged PST file on the basis of file size and also the corruption rate. This repair utility is mainly designed to fix minor corruption errors but if Outlook PST file is severely damaged then repair utility may not be able to recover lost data and it will result in email loss and deletion and the stored data turns inaccessible. Therefore next most recommended resolution is to opt for Outlook PST File Repair Tool that’s capable of fixing Outlook error 0x80040600.

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Steps to solve error 0x80040600

Step 1: Download and launch Repair tool. Then ‘select outlook file’ to choose PST file where you want to work or you may find the specific PST file also.outlookpsterror1

Step 2: Hit “start” to commence scanning after selecting PST file.outlookpsterror2

Step 3: After scanning, mailbox folders and other data will emerge on left side of window. Choose files of your selection.outlookpsterror3

Step 4: Then “save recovered file” on your system.outlookpsterror4

Step 5: After saving your files, dialogue box will materialize that confirms files are accumulated and also displays “destination path” and “restored file size”.