How to Fix “Accessing A Table…” Error Message of DB2 Database

By | June 3, 2016

Fix DB2 databse error “Accessing A Table”

Have you come across error message during DB2 database during DB2 database startup or while executing or changing any Tablespace SQL command? If “yes” then the main reasons behind this error message could be – container is corrupt/damaged, container is not tagged and container could not be found.

To explain the above situation, let us take a real example wherein you face the below error while you try to start your DB2 database:

“SQL0293N Error accessing a table space container.”

In most of these cases the database becomes un-mountable and inaccessible of stored records. Moreover, you cannot perform any operation on the database after you get the above error message.

In order to fix above error message and to get access to the DB2 database records, you need to restore the tablespace or databases from an updated, proper and valid backup. And if the valid backup is not available then you need to repair the damaged/corrupted DB2 database by using the reliable and effective DB2 File Repair Tool.


The reasons behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message is due to when the container where the data stored becomes unreadable. And this happen due to following reasons:

  • While mounting the database container could not be found.
  • Incorrect tagging of the different table space.
  • Container got corrupt or damaged.


The good news is that there are few solutions available that could help you to solve this error message and thereafter you can easily have the access to the records of database. Just follow the below steps:

  • Restore your records, tablespace or database from the updated and valid backup.
  • Check that the container is located in a specified location.

In case if you do not have proper or valid backup then you need to take help of any third party software for repairing and recovering DB2 database. A DB2 Repair tool comes with effective repair techniques that are made to repair corrupted DB2 databases and save them at specified location. It is secure and safe to use that keeps the complete safety of the original database. The repair software comes with inbuilt user-friendly interface and this makes the tool self-explanatory and therefore one can easily operate it.

DB2 File Repair Tool To Resolve “Accessing A Table…” Error Message of DB2 Database

DB2 File Repair Tool is a professional and worldwide popular DB2 database Recovery software that is specifically designed to repair damaged, corrupted or error throwing database. This software is compatible for Windows Server 2003, XP and 2000 and support database recovery for IBM DB2 (UDB) v8 databases. It recovers almost all components of DB2 database such as tables, records, triggers, schemas, buffer pools, views, queries, etc. It also has the capability to restore primary foreign keys related with tables.

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Steps to resolve “Accessing A Table…” Error Message of DB2 Database:

Step 1: Download, Install, and Run DB2 File Repair software. It will provide two options to repair db2 file, the first option is for if the database is attached to DB2, then you can select the option ‘Repair the database stored at default location’, and if the database is not attached to DB2 then choose the manual selection of database.

1 (3)

Step 2: It will provide you the list of database attached to DB2. Select the particular database you want to repair and recover corresponding database objects.

2 (2)

Step 3: In this step this tool provide the list of recoverable database files. You can see the preview by clicking on it.

3 (2)

Step 4: Give the path location for the recoverable database and its object to be saved. Click on ‘Ok’ button.

4 (2)

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So, you can use any of the following solutions to restore DB2 database. But in my opinion if manual solutions fail or if you do not have valid backup then it is highly recommended that you must use DB2 File Repair Tool.