5 Ultimate Solutions To Fix Choppy & Jerky MP4 Videos In A Minute

By | November 15, 2018

5 Ultimate Solutions To Fix Choppy & Jerky MP4 Videos In A Minute

Watching choppy or jerky MP4 videos can be very irritating as it completely hinders the video viewing experience. Generally, people undergo through the pain of watching jerky or choppy videos due to some reasons. But, if you are one of them then do not worry, just try go through this post and fix choppy or jerky MP4 videos with an ease.

It can be very frustrating to watch a choppy or jerky video and I am sure that everyone has experienced this MP4 issue. Well, if you are noticing the same issue with the MP4 video you have downloaded or recorded then you can relax because here in this blog, you will definitely get a solution for this. Here, you will get some perfect methods to fix choppy videos.

However, nowadays modern gadgets are designed in such a way that they can overcome any video related issue on its own. But, if you don’t know how to repair choppy or jerky videos even if you use modern gadget then just look below to know the solution.

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Causes Of Choppy Or Jerky Videos

Jerky or choppy videos can really be very frustrating and can dampen all the excitement you feel before you see the videos. Several reasons are there that can lead you to experience choppy or jerky videos and some of them are:

  • Video/audio Codec Issues
  • Faulty SD Cards
  • Corrupted or Damaged Videos
  • Outdated Media Player
  • Unsupported File Format

No matter what the cause of the jerky or choppy MP4 video is, here, you can know the manual solutions to fix choppy or jerky videos in easy ways.

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How To Fix Choppy Or Jerky Videos Manually

Manual Solution #1: Check If Your Driver Is Outdated

One of the most common causes of experiencing choppy videos is the outdated drivers. It might be possible that you are not using the updated version of drivers or media players due to which you get this MP4 error. So, to avoid getting this error again, try to reinstall the latest sound and video drivers and to do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to device Manager and then expand ‘Video, sound and game controller’.

Step 2: Now in the next step, you have to locate the device that you wish to update. Now after this, simply right-click on the name of the device driver and then select ‘Update Driver Software’.

After fixing this error, if you notice that you still get this error then increase the system’s CPU or RAM capacity and then tweak the system to enhance the complete performance. Also, try to make the hardware even more powerful.

Manual Solution #2: Play Your Videos On Another Media Player

Whenever you play the videos on the default media player, try to play it on another media player. As for example, consider VLC Media Player to play videos, who knows it might work perfectly and fix jerky or choppy videos. This media player is a free media player and it is completely compatible with every device; computer or smartphone. Well, here, the reason could be because of the compatibility issues and so try to play the videos with the recommended windows media players.

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Manual Solution #3: Check If Your System Is Equipped Enough To Play Videos

Before you play the videos, make sure that your system is equipped with features and it meets all the minimum system requirements. If you want to play the selected videos with higher resolution then it is always recommended to have minimum 6 GB RAM with robust video card, at least 3.0 –  3.7 GHz of processors.

If you have a stronger graphic card and processor then your system will perform better and will also make your viewing experience better. In the same way, if you want to play lower resolution videos then you computer should definitely meet the minimum requirements just to make sure that the videos you play are without any hassle.

Manual Solution #4: Reduce The Video Size And Resolution

If you experience choppy or jerky videos then you can reduce the size of the video and its resolution and then play it. It is possible that it might work then. As for example, if the resolution of the video is 1080p 30fps then try to reduce it as lower as you can. Your system will then able to play the MP4 videos without any hassle. Besides, while recording the videos, try to record at 720p and 30fps only and also try to minimize large files.

Automatic Solution: Repair Corrupted Or Damaged Videos

Apart from all above manual solution, if they do not work to fix choppy videos then you can also try automatic solution when you find that the video is corrupted or damaged. Here, to fix corrupted or damaged videos, you can try MP4 File Repair Tool. This tool has the capability to fix MP4 files errors and let the user play the videos without any hassle.  In the below section, you will see how to fix choppy or jerky videos in just a few steps.

Steps To Repair MP4 Video Error:

Step 1: First of all, Install and launch MP4 File Repair Tool. Click on “Corrupted File” to add the unplayable truncated MP4 videos to the interface.


 Step 2: Now you have to click on “Repair” button to repair your truncated MP4 video.


 Step 3: Progress made while repairing can be seen on the screen interface.


 Step 4: Once the repairing process completes, you can preview them by clicking on “Preview” button.


Step 5: In the last step, click on “Save” button to save your repaired MP4 file.

These simple steps can be performed to fix choppy or jerky MP4 videos. Any kind if error related to MP4 video files can be corrected with these simple steps.

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You can now say goodbye to choppy and jerky videos with the help of above mentioned manual as well as automatic solutions. Several videos issues may take place and watching choppy and jerky videos is one of them. You can try to fix this MP4 error with the help of above manual solutions but if manual solutions do not work then you can try automatic solution, MP4 File Repair Tool, to repair choppy videos. So, do not waste your time, just try these solutions if you experience choppy or jerky videos.