Step by Step Guide to Repair Corrupt MDF / LDF / NDF SQL Database Files!

By | March 17, 2017

fix corrupt MDF / LDF / NDF database files

Have you ever come across any problem with your MS SQL server or SQL database? How long you were a part of SQL server? Well many of them have faced issue with their SQL server. This is because many business information are stored in SQL server. Here in this article you will get to know about how to fix corrupt MDF/ LDF/ NDF database files in easy way.

SQL server is one of the advanced database applications which work through effective database management. This database is sensitive because it consists of several information of users. Here users can easily store and retrieve data. The data saved by SQL server is stored in database file known as MDF. SQL is programmed to create database primarily in three different types. They are MDF, LDF and NDF.

MDF– It is a primary database file in which schema and data are stored in MDF. One primary data is for every database. It consists of file extension “.mdf” for all primary database files which are tables, triggers, views etc.

LDF– The primary database file logs are stored in LDF. It consists of entire log information that can be used for recovering database afterwards. At least one log file for every database is important and several log files are also owned for same. This is denoted as a file extension “.ldf”.

NDF– The secondary database file which is used in SQL server is the NDF. This consists of all data files leaving primary data files. The best thing about this is though it contains primary data files but still secondary data files can be stored in different drive. Its most recommended extension is “.ndf”.

Although the SQL database is primary or secondary, still it is prone to corruption similar to other database. Corruption is most common which occurs in almost all database and is faced by users as well as administrators. When such thing happens then the data stored in it comes at risk. It becomes important to repair mssql mdf database files so that data stored in it does not gets damaged.

In fact several error occurs when the database gets damage or corrupted. Many users come across several error facing issue in accessing the SQL server. Some of the errors are:

These error occurs while accessing SQL database and it becomes important to fix mssql database errors. Behind all such errors, several reasons are there that makes the SQL database files inaccessible.

Common reasons for database corruption

Though there are several reasons for SQL database corruption but common reason is due to collision with third party driver. The server tool may crash with other software that is installed which may harm SQL server database files. This is one the basic reasons, leaving this there are some other reasons also like virus attack, system crash, hardware failure or many times due to human error also a chance to get the database files corrupt. All such reasons are responsible for corruption of the entire database and makes it inaccessible.

If small mistake happens then it has the capability to lead to data loss which can be later on becomes hard to recover. Some other reasons for MDF, LDF and NDF files become corrupt is due to limited storage size. When the limit of data on disk exceeds then chances or corruption increases. Even due to some modification in SQL server while DROP OPERATION, corruption or damage chances increases.

Generally when such corruption occurs in the database then only one thing comes in mind, how to repair the database so that the data stored in it can be recovered? The entire database which includes .mdf, .ndf and .ldf needs to be repaired. One can go for third party tool to fix the corrupt database but leaving that, here you will get some other steps which will guide you better of how to repair corrupt .mdf, .ndf, and .ldf files.

Manual steps to repair MDF, LDF and NDF files

Well when .mdf, .ldf and .ndf files gets damaged then users can try to run DBCC CHECKDB command. When the file damage is due to logical corruption then running the command can really help to get out of the situation and easily recover the data from server. This process includes running the code to repair the files.

Professional tool to repair SQL database

Well, when the corruption is severe in SQL database then manual steps may not work to fix the situation. In that case, you should use professional tool like MSSQL Data Recovery Tool. This tool has the ability to handle any type of corruption related to SQL server and easily fix the database by recovering the important data from it.

You may get several tools online while searching but selecting among those is the most difficult one. But you don’t have to worry as MDF Database File Recovery Tool will help you to repair the corrupt database which includes MDF, LDF and NDF files.  It efficiently restores mssql database objects along with other files. Hence this is one of the most reliable tool which can be used to repair any error in MSSQL database.

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Step 1: Stop running MS SQL server, the repair process is done on the copy of corrupt database so tap to ‘OK’ button and continue.

Step 2: now click on the ‘Select database’ button and select the path of corrupt MDF file. After that search for your corrupt database file by using ‘Look in’ and ‘File Type’ button. To start with the repairing process click on the ‘Scan file’ button.


Step 3: The complete listing of recoverable objects of database is in tree view on the left side of the window. Tapping to the object you can see the preview.MS SQL

Step 4: Click on the ‘Start Repair’ icon to begin the process. To save the repaired file in the desired location click on the browse button and assign the path, otherwise the repaired file will be saved in the ‘Default SQL Location’. Click on the ‘Ok’ button.MS SQL

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