Fix error opening excel file on Windows/Mac!

By | December 19, 2013

Excel The Spreadsheet application Microsoft Excel was developed for Microsoft Windows and Mac by Microsoft. It helps for calculating, graphing tools, pivot tables and for macro programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications. It uses cells that are arranged in form of grid that are arranged with numbers of rows and letter-names for columns which is useful for manipulating arithmetic operations. It is enriched with battery of supplied functions for answering to statistical, financial and engineering needs of user. In addition to it can display data such as line graph, charts and histograms in form of three-dimensional graphical display. It even allows sectioning the data to view the dependencies on various factors different perspectives.

 But for uncertain situation when users may encounter error while opening the excel spreadsheet. That can be marked as showing error message “Excel cannot open the file [file name]” this situation can arise if the file format or file extension is not valid or the file may gets corrupted or if the file makes the entire object to damage then the sheet will get lost and it will be unable to recover. For the infected excel files safety scanner can be useful to clean up the virus from the corrupted excel files but this will surely not repair the corrupted files. You will surely need the backup files to restore all of them. You may encounter more issues while saving the Excel file such as-

  • If you get an error message displaying “No data to recover detected”, it is used to indicate the whole excel file is damaged and needs to be repaired.
  • If you get “Internal product error” is occurred due to unknown errors.
  • While saving the Excel file the network driver where you have restricted permissions.
  • While saving the Excel file to the location that does not have sufficient disk space.
  • The loss of connected Excel file.
  • Conflicts with antivirus programs.
  • While exceeding the 218 characters path limit while saving the Excel file.
  • Evaluating transaction formula turned on in Excel.

 Other processes may also cause conflicts while saving, opening or using the Excel program. These types of error makes to lose all the data from the excel file which can only be recovered and resolved using recovery tool.  Excel File Repair Tool scans all the deleted Excel files. By using advanced algorithms it helps to restore Excel files back to their original sate.  Not only this, these recovery files can again be saved to its original location or to the users-specified locations on the hard disk.   Moreover this recovery software generates the preview of the damaged files which allows you to recover only the selected damaged files and leave the rest of the files. It even helps to recover images, charts, clip arts, engineering formulas, numbers, texts and tables from original Excel sheet. It even reserves the whole format while restoring the Excel files.

What does Excel File Repair tool do-

Recovers everything without any problem- This software helps you to get everything back without any modification. This tool helps to recover every single object in your file without having formatting, layout and other properties. It even helps to restore user defined charts, charts formats, formatting rules, worksheet properties, engineering formulas, numbers, texts, shared formulas and rules.

Easily Repair the Excel file- this software helps to minimize all the burden and hassles of dealing with corrupt or damaged Excel workbooks. If the application gets slowed down due to occurrence of large Excel files or the error pop-ups up while saving the file then the file header may get corrupted or damaged. But this file repair tool helps to make these files usable again by identifying the corruption in individual objects, fixes the damage and restores all of the files back to its original specifications.

Simple and easy to use Interface- This recovery tool has easy user interface that makes browsing and navigation very easy. By using the step by step wizard it assures high quality results irrespective of the level of damage.

Recovers worksheets with its original properties- To repair and restore the original properties of your corrupted Excel file’s workbook. This software helps recover the affected Excel files and restore them exactly to its properties so that you can get best experience of using this recovery software.

Pre Recovery Preview of Excel file- This tool conveniently helps you to have preview of the repaired Excel file objects in the main interface. It is beneficial while verifying the Excel data before recovery and even helps to determine the accuracy.

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Steps to Fix error opening excel file:

Step 1: Download the recovery software and after that hit on “OK” button to start the process.

step 1

Step 2: To recover the corrupt file, hit on “Select file” button. BY using the “Look in” you can search from particular logical drive.

step 2

Step 3: Select the corrupt file from the search list with the help of check box. After that hit on “Select all” and hit on “Start” button to begin the scanning process.

step 3

Step 4: As soon as the scanning process completes, you can view your corrupt files.

step 4

Step 5: At last, hit on the “Start repair” button to begin the repairing process. Select the perfect location to save your repaired excel file and after that hit on “OK” button.

step 5