How To Fix InDesign Missing Links Mystery In Adobe InDesign CC/CS5/CS6/CS4

By | September 9, 2017

indesign missing link

Have you ever encountered with the InDesign missing links issue? Well it’s quiet frustrating issue but if you are an InDesign user then you will encounter with this in any stage of your life. When such situation happen we all rush to check out the InDesign link panel ….isn’t it? But what will you do if InDesign link panel also don’t display any link?

If you too are victim of such InDesign missing link issue then this blog will surely going to give you some relief. As, the blog covers the complete solution on how to fix this InDesign missing link problem.

Screenshot Of InDesign Missing Links Error:


Indesign Missing link

Practical Scenario:

Various InDesign users like you are facing the same InDesign missing link issue in their respective InDesign version application like CC/CS6/CS5/CS4. So Have A Look…!

InDesign CC 2017 Links Panel no longer show missing links

I just updated to CC 2017 and my links panel is no longer showing me which links are missing. How can I bring this back?

There used to be an icon in the link panel designating that it was the missing link so I didn’t have to go find it on the page(s).

Indesign CS5 missing link.. missing?

This is indesign CS5, obviously, in OS X. So in CS4, if a link is missing you see that in the link panel as shown below: In CS5 repeating the exact same thing, does not show in the links panel, only in preflight. Is there a setting or some little button I should be clicking for it to show me problem links in the link panel?

InDesign Missing Links

I have an InDesign file that I received from a client, when I open the file from a package I am told that links are missing. In comparing the “missing link” location and the “modified/fixed” link locations the location is exactly the same, but InDesign no longer thinks the link is missing. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this could happen?


What’s This InDesign Links Panel Is?

Complete file listed in the InDesign documents are listed in the Links Panel. These contain both the local (on disk) files and assets which are managed on server. However, files pasted from a website in the Internet Explorer don’t appear in this panel.

In InCopy, Link Panel shows the linked stories.  When you select linked story in the Links panel, the Link Info will show complete information like, the managed status, number of notes, and the status of tracked changes.

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a.Category columns 

b. Show/Hide Link Information

c.One or more instances modified icon 

d.Modified icon 

e. Missing-link icon 

f. Embedded-link icon 

In the document when the same graphics appears several times, the links are combined under a disclosure triangle in the Links panel. And when the linked EPS graphic or InDesign document contains links, at that time too the links are getting combined under a disclosure triangle.

Reasons Of  “Indesign Links Panel No Longer Show Missing Links” Issue

It is quiet tough to say what actually caused your InDesign files missing links issue to generate but mostly it arises just because of corrupt InDesign document. Here are following reasons of corruption of InDesign document.

  • Corrupt Font(s)
  • Corrupt Image(s)
  • Power Failure
  • Placing images via drag-and-drop from an Internet page
  • Copying and Pasting Images from Word, PowerPoint, etc into InDesign
  • Copying and Pasting text from Word, PowerPoint, etc into InDesign
  • Working on an InDesign file over a network or on a remote server

How To Find & Restore InDesign Missing Links?

Restore Missing Links

  1. In order to restore a missing link, choose any link which is marked with the missing link icon in the link panel and click the Relink button.

2. In the opened dialog box select Search For Missing Links In This Folder to relinks any missing file that appears in the specified folder. Locate and double click a file.

Find Missing Links

By default, InDesign looks for missing links and tries to resolve them when you open a document.  The two preference options of InDesign allow it to check for and find missing links automatically when you open your saved document.

Check Links Before Opening Document

If you close this option, Indesign will open the document immediately and the link status remain pending until links are determined to be updated, missing or modified. So if you TURN ON this option then InDesign will search for the modified or missing links.

Find Missing Links Before Opening Document

If you TURN OFF this option then InDesign will not try to resolve the missing links. You need to TURN OFF this option when links will show slow performance to a server or if unexpected linking error occurs. This option will get muted if Check Links Before Opening Document is TURNED OFF.

Search For Missing Links

You can use the Search For Missing Links command just to search and resolve missing links in your document. This command is helpful if TURNED OFF the preferences option that checks for missing links when you open a document. Now you have the missing links.

This command is very much helpful if you mount a server where images are kept after opening a document.

  • In order to change the link settings, just open the File Handling Section of the Preferences dialog box band check whether the Find Missing Links Before Opening Document and Check Links Before Opening Document options are selected or not if not then select it.
  • To solve this InDesign missing links issue choose Utilities > Search For Missing Links from the Links panel menu.

This Search For Missing Links command is dimmed if your InDesign document won’t contain any missing links.

Specify a default Relink folder

  • In the preference dialog box select File Handling.
  • Now from the Default Relink Folder menu, select either of the following option and then click OK.

 Here are the options that you will get:

  • Most Recent Relink Folder

This displays the most recent used folder you selected while relinking, matching InDesign CS3 behavior.

  • Original Link Folder

This option displays the original location of the linked file, matching the behavior of InDesign CS2 and earlier.

Copy links to a different folder

Use the Copy Link(s) To command which is specially for copying graphic files to a different folder and redirect the links to the copied files. This command is mainly for moving files to a different drive like, shifting files from a DVD to Hard Drive.

  1. Choose the links to the files you wants to copy and select Utilities > Copy Link(s) To from the Links panel menu.
  2. Select for the folder where you want to copy the linked files. After this select (Windows) or Choose (Mac OS).

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Relink to a different folder

Using this Relink To Folder command, you can point the folder that contains the file with same name as your out-of-date links. For Eg: Suppose you recent links point to low resolution images, you can specify the folder which contains the high-resolution images. You can specify the different extension for the files, as this will allow you to change links from .jpg to .tiff.

This Relink To Folder command is dimmed in a managed InCopy story unless the story is checked out.

  1. In the Links panel choose one or more links.
  2. Now from the Links panel menu select Relink To Folder.
  3. Specify the location of the new folder.
  4. To use different extension, choose the Match Same Filename But This Extension, and assign any new extension like, AI, TIFF, or PSD.
  5. Tap to (Windows) or Choose (Mac OS).

Automatic Solution: InDesign File Repair Tool

As it is mentioned above that the missing InDesign documents items can also be just because of the corruption issue.  So, to repair corrupt InDesign file and to retrieve back your InDesign documents items try the reliable and recommended option i.e InDesign File repair tool.


InDesign File Repair Tool is the best suited utility software to resolve corruption issues occurred in any of your Adobe InDesign documents such as INDD, INDT and INDB. This tool efficiently recovers all InDesign elements like Hyperlinks, Cross-References, Tables, Images, Notes, Objects, Bookmarks, Text, Layers, TOC , Standard Shapes Special Characters, Animation etc. Besides that the software also restores many other files such as Microsoft Office files documents (DOCX, DOC, PPT, PPTX, PDF, XLSX, HTML, TXT etc), pictures, audio files, video files and many other file types.


All the aforementioned manual solution is perfect to resolve your InDesign missing link issue but if in case it fails. Then also you need not to worry as you have the option of InDesign File Repair Tool. This tool is best option for easiest recovery of your lost linked files of InDesign document. If you find the above solution helpful or want to share any other solution then don’t feel SHY to comment in our commenting section.