How To Fix Microsoft Access Error 6054

By | August 16, 2016


MS Access is world widely used database management system from Microsoft. This is used by both large and small organization and this is reason why this is most prone to corruption. Here in this article we are going to discuss error MS Access 6054, that appear during program installation, during Windows startup or shutdown, or during the installation of the Windows OS. This is really very annoying error faced by the user and to troubleshoot MS Accr it is important to track when and where error 6054 occurs.

Causes of Error 6054

There are various causes that are responsible behind getting error 6054, here follow some of the common causes:

Virus: It is the most common reason behind any file corruption. When you run any program on the infected system then automatically, the database will get corrupt.

Improper System Shutdown: It is the rarest reasons that corrupt the database. However, when power backup fails, all devices including the Database server leads to corruption and inaccessibility due to improper shutdown

Hardware failures: It can severely affect your database because any hardware failure in your machine can cause applications to crash.

Software conflicts: Using third party plug-ins in your databases can lead to corruption if you did not handle and designed it correctly.

JET Software conflicts: Generally, database corruption occurs when you are using a shared database, which have different Jet service, packs and updates installed.

Access and Jet Bugs: Sometimes corruption in a database is due to bugs within Access or Jet. The ‘Name Auto-Correct’ feature of Access is the bug that causes all sorts of issues so disable this feature when starting the new database.

Program Force-Exit: Due to various programs running on the system, your computer might hang or become unusable for a while. In addition, if you forcefully exit MS Office Access, then you might face data corruption issues.

Other issues like disk failure, improper data synchronization, Inefficient Database Design, Multi-user access can also be the reason behind corruption.


To fix the corrupted Access Error 6054 you can make use of the best professional recommended MS Access Repair tool. This is best software that is designed with the advanced technology to scan your database and fix the error, this also helps to recover your database. It can completely repair corrupted database of MS Access.

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User Guide: How to fix  Microsoft Access Error 6054?

Step 1: Download and install Access Repair tool.


Step 2: Click on “Open MS Access File” button to add Access file. You will find a pop-up window from where you can search or select for a ‘.mdb’/’.accdb’ file from your PC.


Step 3: After selecting the file click on “Scan” button to start the scanning process.


Step 4: After the scanning process you will now be able to Preview the recovered database.


Step 5: Next you will be able to preview of the database query.


5 Simple Tips to Prevent MS Access Database CCORRUPTION:

1) Split your database.

The top most things you can do to prevent corruption is to split the database into a “front-end” and “back-end”. The front-end includes all the forms, queries, and reports, while back-end includes only data tables. By reducing the amount of data, you can reduce the chances of corruption.

2) Don’t hold connections open.

This is for both programmers and users. If you are a programmer, then ensure that you close your connections after using it. Leaving the connections, open will drop more opportunities for “unexpected” dropped connection.

3) Exit database correctly.

Always end database or application correctly. Ctrl-Alt-Delete/End Task can cause havoc on Access databases. After completing your task close the application using File – Exit menu option or the Exit option provided by the application.

4) Don’t skimp on hardware.

MS Access database has gained a reputation of being the first application to “die” when there’s the slightest hint of trouble on your network. Ensure that you’re not using the cheap built-in NICs which comes with the system. Rather than use a brand name network cards. If possible use good brands of equipment on your network.

5) Compact and repair regularly.

Perform built-in compact and repair feature regularly to prevent corruption and to improve its performance.

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