How to fix QuickBooks Error 12007 on Windows or Mac?

By | December 4, 2015

Fix error 12007

The main reason for this error to happen is due to the misconfigured file of the system that creates errors of registry surrounded by your operating system. Therefore when your Windows gets crashed and shows some unexpected freezing which in return hampers the real time performance of the computer system also leads to the error 12007. Likewise the length and intensity of the freezing of PC keeps increasing giving birth to several more errors like blue screen error, lock-ups of the program, start-up or shutting down issues, and error regarding installation.

But to fix any sort of issue first you have to be well aware of the cause, because if you know the reason behind the issue to happen it becomes very easy to tackle the error.

Cause of the error:cause of error

Registry errors are major reason for this inconvenience because whenever new programs are made to install into the system at the time when the older version is not completely uninstalled or removed from within the system. Such situations give birth to registry mound-ups and messages displaying errors. Another very potential cause of this error is the invasion of some malicious tool that you downloaded or installed as a freeware from unofficial site. These freeware includes malicious content like, viruses, spyware and adware.


You can get rid of this error with the help two provided solution one is a manual fixation and other is fully automated solution with the help of one of the best repairing tool.

Method1: Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Manually

  1. Get rid of the most lately installed software or freeware

For doing this just switch to Control Panel, choose uninstall a program, then do right on the program that you want to remove and click on uninstall.

  1. Check whether you have Windows latest updates or not

If you do not have latest updates installed then go to start type Windows update in the box for searching and press check for updates.

  1. Make use of SFC (system file checker) in order to amend errors related to Windows system.

System file checker is an in-built utility and very useful tool that’s incorporated with Windows and allows you to scan and restore corruption in the system files of Windows. Click start button and go to command prompt by typing CMD in the search box. Right click on the CMD and then operate as an administrator.

Then type the command sfc/scannow into the command prompt and hit enter

  1. Sign-in to the Windows using safe mode with networking and check if the error still gets displayed in the Windows. Go to start menu and type MSCONFIG and select boot from the emerging pop-up dialog. Make selection to the Safe Boot in the Boot option and then choose Network and Reboot your system.

Hopefully this set of steps will help you repair the error 12007 of QuickBooks.

Method 2: Fully Automated Solution For QuickBooks Error 12007

But if the above shown method does not turn enough for you to solve this error then you must opt for some third party repair tool that could automatically detect and solve this issue plus any other issue in relation to the QuickBooks. And the best available option for this purpose is QuickBooks File Repair Tool. Apart from fixing errors this tool could recover all the files from damaged QuickBooks without causing any data loss.  Information related to the customers, services, vendors, employees stored in a QuickBooks will be recovered as they were.

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how to fixSteps to fix QuickBooks Error 12007:

Step 1: ‘Select File’ button if you know location of QuickBooks or select ‘Search Files’ if location of file is unknown.QuickBooks error

Step 2: Click the ‘Scan File’ for some specific file.QuickBooks error

Step 3: Click on the ‘Company’ button to get preview of scanned company.QuickBooks error

Step 4: Customer related information will be achieved using customer button.QuickBooks error

Step 5: And the same rule goes for details regarding Vendors.QuickBooks error

Step 6: Likewise you can get details in concern to ‘Employees’.QuickBooks error

Step 7: Click ‘Repair’ button, ‘Save As’ dialog box will emerge pick version, path and go to ‘Start’.QuickBooks error

Step 8: If revamp course is productively finished then a note will show as ‘repair process completed successfully’. Now close the box and it’s done.QuickBooks error