How To Fix #REF! – Invalid Cell Reference Error Message in MS Excel on Windows/Mac

By | December 9, 2015

#REF! - Invalid Cell Reference MS ExcelSymptom

When this error occurs Excel displays #REF! in individual or several cells on worksheet.

Causessymptoms and causes

  • You may have deleted cells that were submitted by additional formulas or you might have pasted those cells that you moved on the pinnacle of cells passed on by added formulas.
  • You might have used linking of an Object and link embedding (OLE) to a program that’s not operating.

Note: It is a skill that’s used for sharing details between agendas.

  • May be you would have interlinked to DDE subject that means Dynamic Data Exchange that consists of a group or class of details in part of client/server application like unavailable system.

Note: DDE is recognized etiquette for swapping data between programs based on Microsoft Windows.

  • Another reason could run a macro that entered some function on worksheet and results into #Ref! Error.

Therefore error like Invalid cell reference errors occurs when formula of spreadsheet consists of erroneous reference of cell. And most often this happens:

  • Accidental deletion of rows and columns that includes data regarding formulas.
  • Or when any formula is copied or moved to an added cell and the references of cell are untrue.
  • Data in formula has been moved, departure the formula function using inaccurate cell references

Resolution for #REF! – Invalid Cell Reference Error

  • If error checking is switched on, press button that displays next showing error, and hit Show Calculation Steps if it emerges. Then go for declaration that‘s suitable as per your data.
  • Alter the formulas, or reinstate cells on worksheet by hitting Undo upon Quick Access Toolbar right away you erase or stick cells.
  • Begin program that’s known for an Object Embedding and Linking (OLE).
  • Ensure that you make use of correct Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) topic.
  • Verify function to observe if quarrel relates to cell or variety of cells that’s invalid. Suppose, if macro pierce meaning on worksheet that considers a cell on top of, and cell consists of the function in row 1, it will revisit #REF! because there are nix cells over row 1.

Fully Automated Solution:

Furthermore if precise reason of error is yet unknown then try for some third party repair tool that’s professionally designed to notice reason behind corruption and fix it. And the best available option is MS Excel File Repair Tool.

With the help of this tool users can repair .xlsx and .xls files. With extraordinary attributes this utility tool is ideal for restoring injured data files from cells and column of healthier file.

downloadnow buynow learn-more-button-orange

Steps to repair MS Excel File:

Step 1: Download the tool and begin the process by clicking OK.step 1

Step 2: Click “Select file” to pull through deceitful file. By exploiting “Look in” you can use scrupulous rational drive.step 2

Step 3: Select bent file from catalog of searches through check box. Then press “Select all” and thump on “Start” button to inaugurate formula of scrutinizing.step 3

Step 4: Scanning procedure will finish, you can preview damaged files.

step 4

Step 5: Now go for “Start repair” button to instigate repairing. Decide on the just right position for saving your repaired excel file and then hit on “OK” button.

step 5