Fix SharePoint Error 0x800700DF- File Size Exceed Limit and cannot be saved

By | December 26, 2016

fix sharepoint error 0x800700df

SharePoint is used by many industries as it provides many benefits to user. This is a server software which is associated with content management, document management and intranet. But while using SharePoint server, users face lots of error and they are unable to do any task.  Well it is not known when the database will become corrupt and what are the possibilities that users will face but errors are common to occur. Similar to other errors, user also come across Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.

This error code is the Hexadecimal format of error caused and it is a common code format. To know about what is this error about, it should be checked properly so that it can be fixed. Actually what happens is that when you upload large file over a 50mb to SharePoint then you come across such error which states that “Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds limit allowed and cannot be saved” message. Well in this situation you should first know about the current file size limit from your SharePoint administrator. However if the error is not from the limit problem then it might be a caused due to local restriction set on web client service and web client size limit is set to 47mb by default.

Common causes of code 0X800700DF?

Well the error can come at any time without notifying how but it is known that improper usage of SharePoint server database is the cause for such error. Even due to upload quota size on your database also can be the reason because it limits is 50mb which comes by default. And its outcome may be serious as it can slow down or completely crashes the system if the problem is not fixed. Because of this situation, backup of database is very much important as backup can handle the situation better.

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How to fix error code 0X800700DF?

However fixing the error manually is not the permanent solution and not an easy way to fix and it should not be used also unless one is expert in the field. So it’s better to use third party tool which not only repairs the error but also easy to operate. SharePoint File Repair Tool is one of the efficient tool designed to fix any type of error in SharePoint database. It helps to perform quick SharePoint repair and restores all essential database related to particular web application along with its site collections. It works effectively for restoring documents from damaged SharePoint database. It permits users to extract database like indexes, tables, media files, documents, labels and some other files from inaccessible MDF files. This repair tool allows preview option where user can very easily check the files before recovery. Therefore this repair tool works excellent in fixing any type of SharePoint errors and is easy to use.


How to increase size limit?

However if you want to increase the size limit then you have to do it manually which can be increased to maximum. Follow the below mentioned methods:

  • First open Windows registry using regedit command
  • After that browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters
  • Then hit right on FileSizeLimitInBytes and press on Modify
  • Now hit on Decimal and type 4294967295 and then hit on OK to save
  • At last restart web client service using snap-in

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Steps to follow to fix SharePoint Error 0x800700DF

Step 1 – Download and Install SharePoint File Repair Tool on your system. Launch the software and you will see the interface and shown in the image below. You can select either ‘Complete Repair’ or ‘Document Recovery’.


Step 2 – With ‘Complete Repair’, the screen shows options to select and find SQL Server (.MDF) files. Use ‘Search File’ option if you don’t know actual path of the database. Now click on ‘Scan’ to start scanning.


Step 3 – Once the scan process complete, the tool will create a tree of all SharePoint database tables will be demonstrated in the left pane. The sample will be in the right pane. Now click on ‘Repair’ to inaugurate repairing for preferred database.


Step 4 – When you click on ‘Repair’, the below dialog box will get displayed. Specify the SQL Server name/Instance name and the desired destination path. Click ‘Browse’ to select the destination path. Click ‘OK‘.


Step 5 – After completion of the process, a message will be displayed like ‘Recovered file saved at the desired location’. Now hit ‘OK’ button.


Step 6 – Another dialog box will ask you to attach repaired database to the web application. If you click ‘Yes’ button then below dialogue box will appear. Now enter application URL, name of the damaged database and SQL server instance name and then continue by pressing ‘OK’. When it’s done, repaired database will be available.