How to fix XLS file format is Invalid and other general errors on Windows/Mac

By | November 27, 2015

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In order to create worksheets excel files are used mainly by feeding data in the spreadsheets in order to preserve all the details in a prearranged mode. Excel spreadsheets are widely used for the cause of amassing data in form of column and cells and deductions. Spreadsheets are even trusted by specialized for recording their word around and charge is a trouble-free and more comprehensible format, inventory records, financial reports, receipts, accounts of taxes and many more alike documents can be fashioned by the use of MS Excel. Therefore worksheets of Excel are imperative for put in order and damaging these worksheets may let to go into a wrong step.

Though the corruption of a Excel sheet is actually not uncommon to be noticed. And therefore common error messages that normally occur are:

  • Access denied
  • .xls file format is invalid
  • Cannot access read only documents
  • #REF! Invalid cell reference
  • Excel #### error. Column is not extensive sufficient or a downbeat usage of date and time
  • # Null! Error message
  • # DIV/0! Error message
  • # Name? Formula surrounds text that MS Excel does not identify
  • # Value! Wrong operand or value is used

Excel is very widely in use by individuals and even under large organizations for storing their vital data, graphs, charts, tables, mathematical calculations and lot more.

Therefore the only option left with the user is to repair their corrupted spreadsheets. It is very important for an excel file to be repaired based on what kind of corruption Excel file is into like corruption errors of header, MS Excel force quitting, problem in storage media, corruption of media, attack of virus or sudden power heave.

Moreover if the exact cause of the error is still suspense for you then its most suggested trying for some third party repair tool that could automatically detect the reason behind corruption and then fix it. And the best available option is MS Excel File Repair Tool.

With the help of this tool users can mend .xlsx and .xls files. Having all the superior attributes this utility tool is ideal for restoring damaged data files from cells and column of healthier file.

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Steps to repair:

Step 1: Download the recuperation tool and after that hit “OK” button to begin the procedure.

step 1

Step 2: To pull through the fraudulent file, click “Select file” button. By utilizing the “Look in” you can make use of meticulous logical drive.

step 2

Step 3: Choose the crooked file from list of searches using check box. After that strike on “Select all” and thump on “Start” button to commence the modus operandi of scanning.

step 3

Step 4: The instant scanning process finishes, you can sight your damage files.

step 4

Step 5: Finally, punch the “Start repair” button in order to instigate repairing progression. Decide on the just right position for saving your repaired excel file and then hit on “OK” button.

step 5