How To Get Rebuilt Database For Entourage 2008 Working?

By | December 19, 2015

Entourage cannot access your data

Know how to fix Entourage cannot access your data. To fix the problem, rebuild database for Entourage 2008 working.

Working with Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac you might face few errors-No program or software is perfect each and everything got some issues.

While wandering from the Entourage forums and discussion I found a post related to entourage issue, which forced me to write this post.

Here you have the question asked by sufferer:

My Entourage 2008 corrupted and I tried the Entourage rebuild, but this stopped on stage 4/5.  My problem is that Entourage won’t open up. When I try to open Entourage up, it comes up with the message “Entourage cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild your database.” 
Can anyone please help with this one?

User generally face Error 4362 or Entourage cannot access your data. To attempt to fix the problem, rebuild database message while starting Entourage 2008 for Mac. If you ever came across this error then no need to worry you, have multiple solutions to fix the Entourage error code 4362 issue and ‘Entourage cannot access your data’ problem.

Step 1: Create new identity by rebuild the Entourage database.

Follow the above Microsoft tutorial to fix the issue but if the issue persists then go to step 2.

Step 2: Create new Microsoft User Data folder

  1. First, close all Office programs including Entourage then create new Microsoft user data folder in Entourage. Move the user data folder to other drive or desktop.


  1. Entourage automatically create new Microsoft user data folder when you open it for first time on Mac system. So start Entourage, and new Microsoft user data folder will be created in the Documents. Moreover, a new IDENTITY_NAME folder is created–

HD/Users/USER_NAME/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities

Now Exit from Entourage and rename database file. To change the name of database file you need to locate this folder-

HD/Users/USER_NAME/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/IDENTITY_NAME

  1. Copy this database file that is contained in Microsoft User Data folder which you have copied in step 1 to IDENTITY_NAME folder which was automatically created in step 2.

Check if the error fixed. But if error persist then follow Step 3-

Step 3: Repair disk permissions

  1. Finder -> Go -> Home
  2. Open Applications -> Utilities, and choose Macintosh HD from the Disk Utility window.
  3. Hit on First Aid -> Repair Disk Permissions

Once the repair process is completed reboot your computer. Check if the issue is solved or not. Go to next step if you find the error.

 Step 4: Create new user account

Sometimes the issue occurs for the particular user when user’s detail is corrupt. To resolve this issue you need to create or log in with new user and test Entourage application. Check Microsoft KB to complete this procedure.

In case, if you’ve tried the above given steps but if still the issue persist then you need a Entourage Repair Tool. This tool is especially designed to repair the brutally corrupt or damaged Entourage database file in short span of time without any data loss.

So give a try to Entourage Repair Tool if nothing worked…..

downloadnow file buynow file learn-more-button-orange

STEPS TO REPAIR Rebuilt Database For Entourage 2008 Working:

Step 1: Begin Entourage repair Tool. Then ‘Select Entourage Database File’ dialog box which occurs by default. In the text box you will find a default location of database file. Press on ‘Browse’ option to pick database file from any new spot.

user guide1

Step 2: After this the file will scan itself. After completion of scanning process, a summary message box will get displayed. Then close the message box.

user guide2

Step 3: After this have a preview of the repaired Entourage database file before saving, open it in Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair. You will find the default repaired mail which is displayed on the preview window. To have a preview of any mail, click on ‘Mail’ button of the Tool bar or go to ‘View’ menu and click Mail option. You can even select your desired Entourage mailbox folder to see its contents.

user guide3

Step 4: To save the repaired entourage file at your desired location, click on the File option on the application’s menu bar. Select the ‘Save Repaired File’ option. After this you will find the ‘Destination Folder’ dialog box. Select your desired destination for saving the repaired file.

user guide4

Step 5: After this you will find a Saving process dialog box. You can even click on ‘Stop’ button to stop the file saving process.

user guide5