How to Fix Incomplete MP4 Files?

By | January 21, 2014

incomplete mp4 file repairMP4 abbreviated name for Mpeg-4 Part 14 or MPEG -4 AVC (Advance Video Coding) used for storing audio or video format as it is commonly known digital multimedia format. It can store data like subtitles, still images etc. When you are recording a video with iPhone which will be saved in MP4 format and at that a call comes which interrupts your recorder. After receiving the call, when you try to open your video file, but you are unable to open the file displaying an error message that it is corrupted. Then, you switch off your iPhone and turned it on again for viewing the video file but this time also you receives similar error message. This error message clearly means that the MP4 file is incomplete or has been corrupted.

Causes behind the corruption of MP4 file and leaving your MP4 file incomplete are:

  • Changing File Format: By using inappropriate third party applications for changing the file format such as MP4 to MOV may lead to corruption of MP4 file.
  • Unsupported Media: Another reason of MP4 file corruption is playing MP4 file in player which does not support MP4 file format.
  • Incomplete Transfer: When the file transferring process is incomplete then also MP4 file gets corrupted.
  • Virus Infections: MP4 files may get corrupted due to virus and other malware attacks leading to complete damage in the structure of MP4 file and making the MP4 file incomplete.


You are unable to open your video file. Whenever you will try to open the MP4 file it will always show an error message and makes your file inaccessible. Thus, MP4 files fails to respond.

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Suggested Solution:

When your MP4 file is not opening and displaying error messages then it means that your MP4 file corrupted or has incomplete format due to the above mentioned issues. In such cases, you need to use MP4 File Repair software which scans the corrupted Mp4 file and easily fixes all corruption problems. It is the commonly known software in order to solve Mp4 to MOV file corruption issues. It is able to repair partial or incomplete corrupted MP4 video file with ease. This software can also fix damaged MP4 files which are unable to play on Quick Time Player. Using this tool, you can recover corrupted or inaccessible mp4 files effectively without any kind of data loss.

It also retrieves all MOV files which abruptly or truncated finalized by the camcorder due to fault firmware. This tool is able to repair high definition video clips.  It can even support MP4 files having larger size. Before saving, you can preview repaired files. This software provides completely automated repair procedure separating audio and video data streams then adjoins them when needed for generating playable video file. This software features having high algorithms which retrieves corrupted or lost data effectively. It is able to restore MP4 videos in same file format as earlier and can enjoy lovely videos.  It works on both Mac as well as Windows computer successfully.

Steps to Repair

1 – Install and launch MP4 File Repair Tool. Click on “Corrupted File” to select corrupt MP4 videos.

2 – Click on “Repair” button to fix your Mp4 videos format error.

3 – You can see that your corrupt Mp4 file is getting Repairing.

4 – Once the repairing process gets complete, you can preview them by clicking on “Preview” button.

5 – Finally click on “Save” button to save your repaired MP4 file.