How to fix MP4 files Not Playing on Windows 10 (VLC/WMP/QuickTime)

By | January 10, 2017

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With Microsoft’s latest upgrade to Windows 10, there has been a lot of fuss about the glitches that it has brought with it. With the upgrade Windows 10 has been in the news for few days and the problems that have been faced by users has also been an annoying one. With many problems that users are facing with this upgrade has been a varied one depending upon the configuration of a system. There were many bugs in the latest update which has been giving fixes and workaround to solve the problem but still many problems are out there which need fixes. “MP4 not playing on Windows 10 (VLC/WMP/QuickTime)” problem has been an irritating one and user have a complaint about this.

MPEG-4 Part 14 or MP4 is a digital multimedia file which is commonly used to store data in the form of video and audio and some other files. It is one the important media format that has become so much popular among users. It is used on an everyday basis and holds importance in everyday life. But since the upgrade, Mp4 not playing on Windows 10 problem has been common and happens more frequently than before. Some file working perfectly with Windows 7, doesn’t open on Windows 10.  Let’s discuss the common reasons for “MP4 not playing on Windows 10 (VLC/WMP/QuickTime)” and the common workarounds for it.

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The common causes for MP4 not playing on Windows 10 (VLC/WMP/QuickTime) are:

  • The codec of your mp4 file may have been corrupted due to which you are getting this error.
  • Your mp4 file has corrupted due to infected malware on your PC. It might have infected your file too and thus has made it inaccessible.
  • If your file hasn’t been downloaded/copied properly or they have been any error while downloading/copying, it might make your file unusable for viewing.
  • May happen that your hard disk drive have bad sectors on which the mp4 file is stored and that’s why your file is not able to playback.
  • Due to incompatible media players, your mp4 file is not able to load.

These are the few reasons among many of them due to which you are not able to play mp4 file on Windows 10. If you are facing these, don’t worry read further to know about the workaround for mp4 error in your vlc/wmp/QuickTime players.

VLC not playing mp4 on Windows 10

Though vlc is equipped with a vast number of codecs and is programmed well to play a variety of videos from your media archive, it can only bite its nail with mp4 files wrapping H.265 video inside.

But sometimes it may happen that you are not able to run your mp4 in vlc player on your windows 10 computer due to some playback errors, might be possible due to data corruption. If your video file contains too many audio/video tracks then VLC’s hardware decoding function may not perform normally. If it happens then follow the given steps:

Disable VLC’s hardware decoding function:

Launch VLC

Go to preferences

Show all settings

Navigate to Input/Codecs, then Video Codecs>FFmpeg

Uncheck “Hardware Decoding

The reason for mp4 won’t play on your vlc media player can vary from your system being infected to the file being corrupted but the basic fact remains same that your file is not able to play. Make sure format compatibility is ensured. If that didn’t work out for you then you should repair your Mp4 file for vlc player in Windows 10. The steps for repairing your file is given at the end of this blog.

Mp4 file error in Windows media player on Windows 10

Unlike vlc media player where codecs problem issues are slightly uncommon due to a wide range of codec installed in this player as compared to windows media player. In windows media player there is always a problem to play different media file formats as it pre-installed codec pack is very limited. If you don’t have the possible 3rd party codec pack for Windows media player then you won’t be able to play the supportable file on this player. The possible formats that wmp don’t support are h.264, h.265 DVD media, iso, VOB, VCD Mkv  Rmvb, rm, SWF, WebM, etc.

K-Lite codec pack and CCCP codec pack are few of the most trusted packs that are used in wmp to make it support media file that are unplayable. On Windows 10 but make sure that you download it from a trusted and secure site.

Note: Previous codecs file should be removed in case you find any conflict with CCCP.

Install CCCP to remove Mp4 unsupportable error in Window 10 by following the instructions in the installation wizard.

Download FFmpeg (static windows version) and check your mp4 file with ffprobe.exe. it will give the information about the codecs used, knowing this you will be able to get to know the supportable files.

If nothing happened then repair you file following the steps mentioned at the end of the blog.

 MP4  file error in QuickTime player on Windows 10

If your default mp4 player is QuickTime and it’s not the latest updated version, then first update your QuickTime player. It should happen that with the update it might work because QuickTime player has its codec updated with all video media format.

If the problem persists then the mp4 file is to be blamed. If improper compression is done, suffered from an abrupt termination, copy error, may result in damage to file structure thus not playing Windows 10.

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 Repairing of MP4 video file 

If nothing comes into rescue, MP4 Repair Tool can be used in order to fix the issues related to MP4. MP4 Repair Tool is the software which generally helps in repairing the spoiled/ruined/broken MP4 files which is unable to play by other application such as vlc, wmp or Quick Time used to run multimedia files. So, it’s better for the users to just download MP4 Repair Tool in order to get back their corrupted or damaged mp4 data entirely and easily.

Steps to repair Mp4 file:

Step 1:Use guide for recover corrupted MP4 file

 Step 2:User guide for recover Corrupted MP4 file

 Step 3:User guide foe recover corrupted MP4 file

 Step 4:mp4-ug4

Step 5:mp4-ug5