How to Fix Oracle Error ORA-6413: “connection not open”

By | December 23, 2016

How to fix Oracle error ORA-6413

Oracle, a popular database management software in database industry because of its performance factors and the precision it provides to its users. Being a relational database management system (RDBMS) it is capable of storing and managing lots of new entries simultaneously providing reliability , scalability and high performance all at total low cost of ownership. These all makes oracle one of the revolutionising database management software.

With increased popularity comes a responsibility to carry all tasks smoothly. No doubt oracle has been accomplishing all but sometimes it creates trouble because of some or the other issues which becomes frustrating to some users. Due to wrong interpretation or some other reason the reachability of few command are inaccessible and that is the reason these errors are displayed.

ORA-06413: ‘Connection not open’ is one of the frustrating bugs that is caused due to an internal error that is causing unreachability to the kernel of the database. This error is mostly due to error in database connection and nothing sort of such complications. Users report that they are not able to understand if this error prompts what should they do. Sometimes the error code is same but the arguments it is stating is different and users are unable to understand the cause of the error. The error mostly pop-ups in parenthesis along with some arguments stating this code and the connection problem but it differs with the different version of database..  Though the fix of this error is very simple and workaround for this involves few changes in the installation folder. ORA-06413 error can occur during any program running that requires to connect with the database so as to execute its commands. We’ll discuss some instances when ORA-06413 error occurs and the workarounds for it.

Excel and PowerPivot add-in connecting Oracle

The stack of error that appears is somewhat like:

stack error

There could be few possible reasons for this and is a very known issue among oracle database users community. SSIS user may have faced this issue while launching DTSWizard.exe but for Power Pivot users having Excel 2010 or later this may have occurred for the first time. Not a problem. The cause of this error is basic and is due to unable to establish a launch path while executing this program or during connection. When you are running 32-bit Excel on 64- bit Operating system, the 32-bit  causes is When the path of the application which launches the connection contains parenthesis, the provider fails to connect.

When using 32-bit Excel on a 64-bit machine, the 32-bit WOW program files (C:\Windows\SysWOW64) folder has parenthesis in it

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\Excel.exe”

The workaround for it

To workaround this is too simple. Find equivalent 8.3 short naming convention for Excel.exe instead of the previous one. Use this convention short named to launch excel. Build a shortcut for this so that always excel is launch from this path only.

Oracle while connecting to your file has problems to relocate your folder because of same names or a lengthy name. Each systems folder name can be different so you have to check your own folders to find the right suffix without duplicating file names.

To explore your own short names use the approach mentioned below to find your short name on the drive letter where Office is installed.

Start > Run > Cmd.exe  (or Start > CMD.exe if you don’t have a Run box)

Dir C:\ /x

— look for Program Files (x86) short name

Dir C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~4\ /x
— Look for Office14 (short name is same as long name)

Dir C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~4\Office14 /x  
— Look for Excel.exe (short name is same as long name)

Therefore, short-name to launch Excel can be:


Copy the short path that you found and make a shortcut on your desktop so as to make it easy for the next time. Isn’t easy.  Better than many alternatives. When you install office, pick a non-default folder that doesn’t contain parenthesis.

2. Installing TOAD on Windows

Toad for mysql is an freeware development tool that enables you to extract, compare and search for objects, record and play back keyboard commands, trandfer data across database and much more. Actually Toad accelerates your mysql learning curve and help in managing project more effieciently.

While installing toad you may have faced problems with an error code prompting :

ORA-06413: Connection not open

For this you need not do anything else, just install Toad in


instead in the default folder  (avoid  parenthesis or spaces in the folder).