How to Recover Outlook PST File after Formatting Hard Drive

By | December 26, 2016

Recover Outlook PST File after Formatting Hard Drive

Outlook tool was provided by Microsoft that helps the user to communicate in the better way. And whole data presented in Outlook application is stored in PST files such as the emails, contacts, attachment files and other tasks are stored in the PST file. This is really amazing and better communication but it is also found that sometimes due to various unpleasant reasons the hard drive gets formatted and this removes all the files and folders including PST file. And this results that the entire work unexpectedly ends as you cannot further access the lost information. Here we are going to describe it better with a user experience.

“Hello guys, I’ve accidentally formatted my PC with lots of PST files that are on C drive. What shall I do now to restore that file I REALLY need to recover them ASAP? Is there any application that helps to restore it? If there is any solution, please guide me. Thanks in advance… “

Well, this is the worst situation as this instant puts the entire job at risk. Data loss is a big disaster that is commonly faced by many of us and due to this technology has improved a lot and comes with the best solution for data loss. It is found that the data did not lose permanently when the hard disk is formatted, but the hard disk loses its file system and data access pointer from the table, and as a result user is not able to access data after formatting even the user reinstall the file system. However, the formatted hard disk entire data will lose permanently when the user overwrites the hard disk by storing data on it. So, it is recommended stop using the formatted hard disk to recover the lost data. But no need to worry as there is an effective recovery application that will restore the entire PST file without any hassle. Well, before moving further here follow some of the scenarios that result in hard drive being formatted:

Scenarios that result in hard drive being formatted:

  • External media was connected for formatting and you accidentally ended up in formatting the drive in the system and leave you with data loss.
  • Formatting hard drive takes place at the same time re-partitioning process, by selecting wrong drive
  • During installing several operating systems in the same PC, and accidentally the wrong drive may get formatted
  • The user unintentionally ends up in formatting the drive by wrongly typing wrong commands from command prompt.

These are the scenario that results in data loss accidentally since to recover the entire data make use of the best professional recommended solution Outlook PST File Repair Tool. This is the best tool that recovers data without losing a single bit of data and the entire information will be restored as it was saved prior to formatting. This is the best application that is chosen by many users to recover their damaged, corrupted PST file. This is designed with the simple and user-friendly interface for Outlook PST files recovery.

This is a powerful software that not only recovers the lost PST file and user can also fix broken PST file without making any slight change in the original one. This professional tool can fix corrupt, damaged or broken PST files and bring your PST to a normal state. It can repair the file created on Microsoft Outlook versions 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000 on Windows OS. By using this repair tool you can repair and recover the corrupt or inaccessible emails, calendar entries, contacts, appointments etc. It repair tool can be user easily without any technical help.

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Steps to Use Outlook PST Tool:

Step 1: First download and then launch the Outlook PST File Repair tool. And ‘select outlook file’ to select PST file where you wish to work or you may find the specific PST file also.outlookpsterror1

Step 2: Press “start” to begins the scanning process after selecting PST file.outlookpsterror2

Step 3: As the scanning process is completed, mailbox folders and other data will appear on left side of the window. Select files of your selection.outlookpsterror3

Step 4: Next click on “Save recovered file” on your system.outlookpsterror4

Step 5: When the files are saved, a dialogue box appears that confirms that files are saved and also shows the “recovered file size” and “destination path”.

By completing the above procedures, you can restore your Outlook PST files easily.

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