How to repair and restore QuickBooks error -6000,-107 on Windows/Mac

By | January 21, 2014

fix QuickBooks error -6000,-107QuickBooks is the handy software which provides all the financial information at your fingertips. It is used by small and as well as by large scale businesses. This software is trustworthy, well organized and easy to use accounting program. It provides unique features and services which make it easy to handle and control business from anywhere and anytime. It helps in making your accounting process efficient. It saves all critical and important business information in QBW file.

Though QuickBooks comes with unique and advance features it sometimes gets corrupted and starts to throw various type of error code and as results users are not able to access the QBW file. For example – Last time when I tried to open QuickBooks (QBW) file I got an error message that “QuickBooks is not able to open the QBW file error code -6000,-107”. I want to know why am I getting such error code and how I can restore my QuickBooks file?

Reasons for QuickBooks error code -6000,-107 are:

Such QuickBooks errors generally occur when complete changes are not been able to written to the transaction log file. As a result the size of company file and the size of the transaction log file differ from each other.

The other various reasons which could corrupt are virus attack, improper shut down of PC, hardware failure, OS malfunction, etc. Hence you are not able to access to the crucial information or data stored in your QuickBooks file.

Repair QuickBooks error code -6000,-107

If you are looking for repairing it you must follow the below mentioned method.

First download QuickBooks diagnostic tool and run the tool to see whether there is any corruption in QBW file or not. If it finds and show any corruption then follow these steps:

  • Take assist from QuickBooks Technical Team to fix the above mentioned issues.
  • If you have kept any backup then recover QBW files from that backup.

Even then also you are facing same issues then try to follow below mentioned guides:

Attempt to rename the QuickBooks with ‘.tlg’ or ‘.nd’ files as follows:

  • Click Start and then click Search. Type the file name to search corrupted QBW file.
  • Right click on .tlg file that is present in the same folder as QBW file and then click on ‘Rename’
  • Just add ‘.old’ to the end of file.
  • Repeat the same process for ‘.nd’ file.
  • Finally, now you can start QuickBooks.

If the above mentioned guides are able to solve problem then it is good and well, but if it doesn’t fix your issue, then you can try any third party QuickBooks Repair tool. This tool is best and used worldwide and it is appropriate tool specially made for repairing and restoring any type of QuickBooks file (QBW) errors. It has inbuilt algorithm repair mechanism which has the capability to recover all business information and critical data like vendors, employees, company, customers, etc. Furthermore It works and compatible with Windows 7, XP, Vista, etc.

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How to repair QuickBooks error -6000,-107

Step 1: Click on the ‘Select File’ button if you know the location of QuickBooks file or select ‘Search Files’ if you don’t know the location of file.QuickBooks error

Step 2: Click the ‘Scan File’ button for scanning the selected file.QuickBooks error

Step 3: To see the preview of scanned company information click on the ‘Company’ button.QuickBooks error

Step 4: By clicking on ‘Customer’ button, you can see the customer related information.QuickBooks error

Step 5: If you want to see the information of vendors click on the ‘vendor’ button.QuickBooks error

Step 6: For getting employees related information click on ‘Employees’ button.QuickBooks error

Step 7: Now click on the ‘Repair’ button, a ‘Save As’ dialog box will appear select version, path and then click on the ‘Start’ button.QuickBooks error

Step 8: If repair process is successfully completed then a message will appear as ‘repair process completed successfully’. Now click ‘OK’ and close the box and you are done.QuickBooks error