How To Resolve Word 2013 Error 4605?

By | January 10, 2017

How To Resolve Word 2013 Error 4605?

Getting runtime error: 4605 message while using the word 2013 document? Looking for the best suited solution to fix this off quickly? Don’t worry….!  As this tutorial will guide you on how to fix this Word Runtime Error 4605 automatically. So let’s start conquering….!

As you know that MS Word is the popular application that is used mainly for documentation purpose. Widely it is used in sections like in office for business documentation, education; hospitals and even small business employ this amazing application. Files created in word will be saved in two file formats doc and docx.  Previously ms word uses the native file format that is .doc but nowadays newer version uses docx file format to store files.  Ms word 2013 is the most recent edition that has come up with the upgraded and advanced features.

Besides of having several enhancing features word 2013 has few minor issues also. When word document is being accessed on this latest edition, it generates few errors. One of the very noted errors that repeatedly occurred is “Error 4605”.

This terrible error occurs when the preferences of Word tool is not set properly. One more reason for such issues is, because of Word file corruption. In case the Word 2013 file is severely corrupted then you confront such issues. It’s better if 4605 error is occurred as a result of improper preferences, because it can be resolved easily by changing the preferences of Word app. In case the error is occurred due to corruption of Word file, then one has to fix the document by making use of a repairing app.


“I have recently buyed license for MS Word 2013 version and installed it on my Windows PC. Everything is working perfectly but when I performed a recent update on MS Word. Every time I open word 2013, I get an error called Run-time error ‘4605’. I have tried all possible solution that I know but still I am unable to open any document due to this error. Can anyone please help me out in this on how to fix this error?

What’s this Error ‘4605’ in Word 2013 actually?

This ms word 2013 run time error occurs usually as soon as opening any document  a message will appear at your screen, stating :

“Run-time error ‘4605’: The Unprotect method or property is not available because this command is not available for reading”.

REASON: The main reason behind the occurrence of this error is that word 2013 error preference of word tool and due to corruption of word file the same error can also get displayed as following.

“Run-time error ‘4605’: This method or property is not available because a document window is not active.”

REASON: This message usually pop-up while trying to do changes in properties of a document using Microsoft VBA (Visual Basics for Applications).

“Run-time error ‘4605’: This method or property is not available because the current selection is at the end of a table row.”

REASON: The above error message will appear on word 2013 document when any excel sheet table is been tried to paste in word file.

How to resolve Run-time error 4605 on Word 2013?:

Everyone who is facing this error with their word 2013 document it’s obvious to get panic as this error completely stops you to use any of your word document. But actually you don’t need to get panic as this error can be fixed easily through simple steps. Usually by setting proper preference codes in word 2013 this Run-time error can be eradicated and if word 2013 document is corrupt and inaccessible even after fixing this error, then the only left solution is to use the reliable software repair utility like MS Word Repair Tool.

Best Suited Solution To Repair Word 2013 File After Error ‘4605’:

Word repair tool is the best utility to fix Word 2013 erroneous document within few simple clicks the software is well suited to fix or resolve issues of word 2013 file like; Run-time error, not enough memory, macro error, Invalid document, cannot open file, not responding, encoding, error, file permission error, etc.  This program can easily fix DOC as well as DOCX file issues as it is well compatible with various versions of word like; Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 along with 2013. It repairs several corrupted word document on memory cards, external hard drives, hard disk, USB drives, memory sticks, etc. The software is well compatible with all major versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.