“Identity could not be open with this version of Outlook for Mac”: Error Of Outlook Mac 2011

By | November 23, 2015

Mac outlook 2011 error

Outlook is most widely used but it may happen that sometime while opening Outlook for Mac, you receive the error message: “Identity could not be open with this version Outlook for Mac”. It is a latest error found in Mac Outlook 2011. And very annoying but it can be solved with below given steps:

Generally this error is found when user re-installs office and not updated will find this error. So, here you can find how to fix the error without losing emails or other important data in your Outlook files. Follow the below given methods to fix the error in Mac Outlook 2011.

Steps to fix Identity could not be open with this version Outlook for Mac:

Please Note: If you have installed the Service Pack 2 (SP2) then the location of certain files are different. Verify if it is installed open word and then click About Word from the Word menu. And the version number is 14.2.0 or above then you has Service Pack 2 installed and you need to follow the (SP2) steps given in this article.

Step 1: Download latest Office Update

To fix the error you simply need to install the latest office update to Microsoft office 2011. Microsoft AutoUpdate for Mac included with office help help to keep Microsoft up to date. And when AutoUpdate is set to check for updates automatically you can get important updates and information without searching, it directly delivers it to the PC. For this:

  1. Start any Office for Mac application on the PC.
  2. Then click on Help menu and check for updates
  3. And under “How would you like to check for software updates?” Click Automatically.
  4. Next click the check for updates

Tips: if you don’t want Autoupdate appear automatically then select manually.

Step 2: Stop Outlook and other applications.

  1. Select Force Quit from the Apple menu (press Command> option>ESC).
  2. Choose an application in the “Force Quit Applications” window.
    Note:You cannot quit Finder.
  3. Click Force Quit.
  4. And repeat the procedure till all active application are not stopped

Note: when an application is Force Quit, then any unsaved changes to open documents are not saved.

Step 3: Move Outlook Identities:

  1. Quit all applications.
  2. And on the Go Click on Home.
  3. Then open Documents, and after that openMicrosoft User Data.
  4. And dragOffice 2011 Identities to the desktop.
  5. Next open Outlook.

And if Outlook opens without any error then you might have an error with your Outlook identity database. Move Office 2011 Identities back to the Microsoft User Data folder and attempt to rebuild the identity database. And to do the following make use of  step 3.

Professional Recommended solution:

The above given steps will help you to fix Identity could not be open with this version Outlook for Mac 2011 error. But if not then make use of the professional tool the OLM File Repair Tool. It is designed with advanced technology to fix any type of error found in Mac Outlook and also helps to repair and recover  Mac Outlook data safely and securely. By making use of this tool user can able to restore the lost or deleted Outlook data.

downloadnow buynow learn-more-button-orange

Steps to use OLM file repair tool:

Step 1: Install OLM File Repair tool and launch it. Then click on ‘Browse’ to select the corrupted or damaged OLM file and then start the repair process by clicking the ‘Start‘ button.


Step 2: The scan process will starts, which is indicated by the ‘Scanning OLM File’ status bar. Wait for scan process to complete.


Step 3: After the process is complete, the software would provide the detailed summary of the entire process which shows the number of recoverable mail objects.


Step 4: : Click on the “mail” icon to preview your recovered mail in which middle pane shows the mail in the selected mail folder from the left and right pane shows the content from middle pane.


Step 5: Click the ‘Address Book‘ icon to preview your recovered contacts in which middle pane shows all the contacts in the address book and right pane shows the details of the selected contact.


Step 6: Click the ‘Calendar‘ icon to preview your recovered Calendar notes in which middle pane shows all the calendar entries and the right pane shows the details of the selected entry.


Step 7: Click on ‘Notes‘ icon to preview your recovered notes. The middle pane will show all the notes which is available in your mailbox and right pane shows contents of the selected note.


Step 8: Click on ‘Task‘ icon to preview your recovered tasks in which middle pane will show the entire task in the mailbox and right pane will show the content of the selected task.


Step 9: Finally hit on the ‘Save Repaired File‘ to save the recovered mail objects.Select the destination path to save the recovered data and the file will be saved by the name-Main identity.rge.