Issues with File Syncing in SharePoint- How to fix?

By | February 6, 2017

Issues with File Syncing in SharePoint

If you are using SharePoint then you might have noticed several issues with it. Though it is useful but when it shows some problems then it is really frustrating situation. Generally the issue is with SharePoint file sync and due to this there is lost files or even conflict changes which force to movable the updates you have done on the files. When such condition occurs then nothing works on how to fix the problem. Well whatever the problem is but here in this blog, you will get complete knowledge about how to fix the file syncing issue in SharePoint. Well one thing which users can do is not to use it until the issue is solved. This is not the complete solution but mentioned below for the complete guide.

Fixing Sync Issues with SharePoint

If you want to synchronize a document then it is quite easy to do it with PC. In this process you have to just go to the perfect location in SharePoint online and after that hit on big Sync link. After that SharePoint will install appropriate OneDrive for business agent and will download all files to local machine and establish the ongoing sync. But it is not an easy task to maintain the sync and when it is broken then dark blue cloud icon on your system will have a red ‘x’ on it. If you want you can see the sync error where the entire list of files are listed that are not communicating properly. However some of the steps are mentioned below which can solve the issues.

First Check the SharePoint Limitations

Well the very first thing which you should check is that accidentally you are not paying attention to SharePoint’s limitations. Here the common problem is the # symbol in file name which is not used in SharePoint. But you should know that too long files, lengthy filenames, so many items etc can cause sync issues.

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Try Pause and Restart

Even you can try to solve the issue by pause and restart method. Just right click on OneDrive for business system tray icon and pause the sync. After that again resume the sync and allow it to solve the error itself. Doing this process will force the SharePoint to re-examine the files which it needs to synchronize.

Check the Office Documents Uploader

Moreover you can check the Office document uploader which you will get in your system tray. It consists of two separate applications which completely manages the upload of documents. Sometimes this application gets paused and because of this SharePoint sync stops from progressing. So just remove pause to continue the flow of data again.

Duplicate, Sync, Remove, Rename

If you find that a particular file is not synchronizing like red ‘x’ on file icon in file explorer instead of green checkmark or symbol then its better you copy and paste the file and duplicate it in current location. Now let this new file with same name except copy is added to upload. After that erase the original non syncing file and then rename the copy of original filename. This methods works best to fix the issue.

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Try Repair method

When no methods mentioned above works then you can try the ‘repair’ option by clicking on system tray icon. Though it seems very awkward because this method clears everything which you have synced on your computer and it completely archive it. After that it re-downloads everything from SharePoint online. But this process takes lots of time and at the same time lots of storage space and lot of bandwidth. Moreover if you have made any changes in local files and not made back to SharePoint then you have to find it manually in archived folder.


At last when no options left to troubleshoot the sync issue then using third party tool will surely help to fix the problem. SharePoint File Repair Tool is is one of the best software which completely works in repairing SharePoint database. It allows administrators or users to extract SharePoint databases such as documents, table, indexes, labels, media files and other objects from inaccessible MDF files.


Steps to Repair Synching Issues in SharePoint Database

Step 1 – Download and Install SharePoint File Repair Tool on your system. Launch the software and you will see the interface and shown in the image below. You can select either ‘Complete Repair’ or ‘Document Recovery’.


Step 2 – With ‘Complete Repair’, the screen shows options to select and find SQL Server (.MDF) files. Use ‘Search File’ option if you don’t know actual path of the database. Now click on ‘Scan’ to start scanning.


Step 3 – Once the scan process complete, the tool will create a tree of all SharePoint database tables will be demonstrated in the left pane. The sample will be in the right pane. Now click on ‘Repair’ to inaugurate repairing for preferred database.


Step 4 – When you click on ‘Repair’, the below dialog box will get displayed. Specify the SQL Server name/Instance name and the desired destination path. Click ‘Browse‘ to select the destination path. Click ‘OK‘.


Step 5 – After completion of the process, a message will be displayed like ‘Recovered file saved at the desired location’. Now hit ‘OK’ button.


Step 6 – Another dialog box will ask you to attach repaired database to the web application. If you click ‘Yes’ button then below dialogue box will appear. Now enter application URL, name of the damaged database and SQL server instance name and then continue by pressing ‘OK’. When it’s done, repaired database will be available.