Microsoft Word Error: There is insufficient memory or disk space. Word cannot display the requested font

By | June 8, 2016

ms word insufficient memory or disk space

There is no sufficient storage or free space on disk. Microsoft Word can’t demonstrate the font that is requested. When you try to access an accessible document of MS Word or if you try creating a fresh blank document you may come across an error message.

There are sort of stuffs that could bring you this inaccuracy. One of them is normally corrupted. There is inadequate disk space or memory. Word can’t demonstrate the demanded font. You can resolve the issue ‘ disk space or insufficient storage can’t exhibit the requested font’ in Word 2013 just by reediting a file ‘C:\Users\shamsi1\AppData\Roaming\Micros ­oft\Templates\Normal.dotm’ to elderly.

So let’s begin with normal. THERE IS UNSATISFACTORY DISK SPACE OR MEMORY. WORD CANNOT DISPLAY THE REQUESTED FONT by changing the normal. To get rid of this error follows the steps beneath.

  1. First it’s important to show the hidden folders. For doing this click on the view option from file Explorer.file explorer view
  2. Then go to option on the right hand side of your screen.
  3. Then hit on “change folder and search options”.
  4. Now go to the tab ‘view’.folder options
  5. Locate “show hidden files and folders” and mark it.view hidden folders
  6. Then click apply for the options to take effect
  7. After finishing this part simply go to \\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates
  8. Else manually you can visit this location on C:// drive < then users < then User name like “kevin” or “David” or whatever you have kept.users
  9. Then go to Appdata < Roaming < Microsoft folderappdata
  10. Within MS folder look for templates and open it and then go to dot filetemplates
  11. Right click on that file and rename it to file
  12. Now try accessing this file. As soon as you open this file it will be automatically re-created.

Hopefully this work around will help you to solve the issue and if not then I would simply recommend you to make use of some third part repair tool that’s highly efficient and professionally designed to resolve any sort of MS Word errors. In this circumstance you can make use of Word File Repair Tool that’s particularly formulated to fix and retrieve inaccessible (.doc) and (.docx) files. It pulls out the content from file and reconstructs a fresh file with healthy data that can be easily accessed. It efficiently restores texts of documents along with other significant stuffs such as formatting, indentation, hyperlinks, charts, tables, images, etc. This influential software also repairs harshly injured DOC files and save you from great disaster at work.

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Step 1: User can select single file or simply entire folder that comprise of too many word files. If you do not know the location then you can use ‘Find File’ option.

User guide step 1

Step 2: Selected file will be displayed in list, user can select Word file using checkbox that is to be repaired. They must select all files by marking ‘Select All’ checkbox. Then click on ‘Scan’ button.

user guide step 2

Step 3: Even preview of scanned file could be seen before restoring ‘Full document; and ‘Filtered text’ formats by hitting tab provided on middle pane of window.

Word file

Step 4: If scanned word file is .doc file, then available preview in “Raw text” format together with ‘Filtered Text’ formats and ‘Full Document’ and ‘Filtered Text’ formats.

Word file

Step 5: For fixing, user necessitate to just hit on click on ‘Start Repair’ choice. Then they must select options to save file from ‘Save Document’ dialog pane and hence hit ‘Ok’ button.

Word file