Restore an Accidentally Dropped DB2 Table Space!

DB2 belongs to Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) family and based on relational models.  IBM introduced this file format in 1983 for Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) mainframe platform which was later redesigned as DB2 ‘common server’ products. It was redesigned with general code base in order to run on various operating system platforms such as Windows, UNIX and… Read More »

Unable to backup my MySQL database

MySQL is a widely used “Relational Database Management System” RDBMS which permits multiple user multi users to access different databases. It works on different operating system platforms including Linux and Windows and it well known for its low cost and features. It uses two storage engines MyISAM and InnoDB. It used in all popular websites such as Yahoo,… Read More »

Fail to attach MDF file in the SQL Server!

SQL Server database consists of three types of files namely primary, secondary and transaction log files. Primary and secondary data files can store data in the database while transaction log files helps to hold transaction information that is used to recovering data at the time of disaster. While creating a database in the MS SQL Server, it automatically… Read More »

How to Handle Dirty Shut Down Error and Repair EDB Files to Get a Clean State?

Exchange Server is needed in order to maintain continuous and smooth email communication either within or outside the organization irrespective of the business which you possess. This server works with the MS Outlook email client to maintain the entire email system running. In Exchange Server, ESEUTIL application is very common tool for emailing and collaboration. It is available… Read More »