Unable to restore/attach a MDF file

Microsoft SQL Server is enterprise software that helps to manage data through client/server relational database. SQL database file refers to a physical file that contains the data that SQL Server manages. MDF is the database file helps to store all the data that is related to SQL Server. This application stores each piece of important data in an… Read More »

Damaged Email Recovery of Outlook!

Microsoft Office Outlook is an efficient email client with the great talent of organizing (Virtual folders, fast search), solid spam and seamless integration, phishing filters with to-do list and scheduling. Outlook offers powerful filters move unsolicited message to a “Junk E-mail” folder automatically. It is used to send and receive email or to keep log email addresses of… Read More »

Restore an Accidentally Dropped DB2 Table Space!

DB2 belongs to Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) family and based on relational models.  IBM introduced this file format in 1983 for Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) mainframe platform which was later redesigned as DB2 ‘common server’ products. It was redesigned with general code base in order to run on various operating system platforms such as Windows, UNIX and… Read More »