How to select the Recovery Model in SQL Server?

To recover the SQL server recovery software provides a suitable configuration to set up the backup plan.  This property controls the checking of currently available restoration operation, transaction logging and determines the transaction log for backup in the database recovery software are classified into- Simple Recovery Model Bulk-logged Recovery and Full Recovery Model Simple Recovery Model: It provides… Read More »

How to Check and Repair Corrupted MySQL File?

Few problems that indicates that your MySQL database is corrupted: You will repeatedly find the error notification from MySQL files.  Password often fails when it is entered interactively. Due to too many connections you may get an error message. While using more than one database application. The data store in MySQL file becomes inaccessible. If you face the… Read More »

How to Recover DB2 Database?

Are you receiving any error message when you are taking backup of DB2 database? Or while restoring the database backup an error message pops up? And when the answer of the above questions results to be ‘yes’ then the possibilities which may occur is the database corruption. Both the logical reasons such as application malfunction, improper system shutdown… Read More »