How to identify the corrupt Exchange database and Repair them.

Microsoft Exchange server offers an effective messaging environment which is very powerful and reliable. This program helps to send or read emails at offices, shops, commercial or any other places through its networking program. It even allows the users to perform multitasking such as sending emails, instant messaging, file archiving, task scheduling, calendaring and many more. It saves… Read More »

Know How To Rebuild and Repair Entourage Database File

Corruption in Entourage Database is common for the application and software users. There may be several reasons for this corruption such as database header corruption, virus impact, application malfunction, identity database corruption, database structure corruption and improper system shutdown. Such types of situations could result in corruption in database and it will not allow you to access your… Read More »

How to recover and restore SQL master database

Failure or corruption of master database is very difficult situation for every user because this database has specific system information which is common to all databases and if the master database will get corrupt then it will makes you enable to login or start your SQL server. Sometime you can easily restore server by applying tested recovery plan.