How to Rebuild Microsoft Entourage Database?

By | November 28, 2013

1Microsoft Entourage is an email client software developed by Microsoft. It is a part of Office Suite. Entourage database helps to manage contacts, emails, calendars, journals, task and other important information. It uses RGE files and a separate identity for every user. While working with Entourage database you might have faced several issues like launching the database, while opening any documents, error notification while updating any file, unable to delete few items etc. To resolve these issues you need to rebuild your Entourage database. 

How to rebuild your Entourage database? 

Corruption of Entourage database is a very common issue for its user. But it is quite hard to deal with this situation as our important data is stored in it. And, we can afford to lose our vital information. When the database becomes inaccessible then you are not allowed to access any necessary kinds of stuff like calendars, task, notes, emails etc.  So to get rid of this issue you need to rebuild the database.

To rebuild you just need to go through the 5 steps given below:

Note: Before going through the process make a duplicate copy as a backup. Although rebuilding automatically makes a duplicate copy but sometimes while processing the original database and duplicate get merged and leads to disaster. So, it’s better to make a duplicate database before starting the process.

Step 1:–

First and for most of the document folder find out your database.

Step 2:–

Then, using Get Info (Command + I) know the size of your database.

Step 3:–

For this process, your system needs 10% of minimum space. So, check your memory space and make sure your hard disk has enough space available in it.

Step 4:–

Stop all the running application in your system including virus-protection applications, Messenger for Mac, Office applications, in fact, Office Notifications also so, that there is no interference while processing.

Step 5:–

The process of rebuilding database:

a.) For Entourage 2001 and Entourage X:-

1.) Hold down the Option key and re-launch the application.

2.) A dialogue box will appear asking whether you want “Typical Rebuild” or “Advanced Rebuild.

3.) Choose “Typical” from there.


b.) For Entourage 2004 & 2008:-

1.) Hold down the Option key and re-launch the application.

2.) After few second, Entourage Database Utility will appear in PC screen.

3.) Select rebuild option from there.

Important: If you chose ADVANCE REBUILD option you may lose some of the data. So, I will be suggesting you use this option only when you are still facing this problem after performing the TYPICAL REBUILD option.

In case, if the rebuilding process failed. You are advised to make use of Entourage Database Recovery Software.

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Entourage Database Recovery Software will help you to recover the database from any type of corruption issues like header corruption, application malfunctioning, virus attacks etc. It’s quite hard to repair the corrupted, damaged database because it doesn’t have any file format so that the data are stored in it. But before using this tool you need to confirm that whether your database is actually corrupted or not. Generally we use backup file to get the lost data but if your backup file is unable to perform its task then the only option left with you is to use this powerful recovery tool. With its user friendly interface it allows the user to easily repair the corrupted database. It extracts the database objects and uses the difficulty scanning algorithms for scanning process.

It can easily recover corrupted, damaged entourage file no matter what are the reason behind the corruption. It restores corrupted data from the RGE files. It also shows a preview option to its user so that they can confirm the recoverable file before storing them. It also keeps the records of the entire process such as path of the repaired file, total time taken. You can easily save this log to your desired location. So without any delay download this amazing repair tool on your computer and get rid of the corruption issues in your Entourage database.

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