How to Recover Deleted Journals Items from Outlook PST File

By | December 21, 2015

How to Recover Deleted Journals Items from Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the world widely used email applications. It is the most popularly used email application which incorporates email messages, to-do lists, contacts, tasks and scheduling. Microsoft Outlook provides features like instant email searching, flagging, categorizing, scheduling appointments, journals and many more. Here in this article, we are discussing the topic about how to recover deleted journals from Outlook PST file. Below know about journals and also how to recover deleted journals.

An outlook journal is a prominent feature of the Outlook. This helps the user to access information about various actions performed on Microsoft Outlook. It is a useful feature of Outlook, but it may happen that user loses access to Outlook journal because of corruption in PST file. And for that reason, the entire journal items get lost or deleted. To access journal, it becomes important to fix the PST file corruption. No need to panic as the recovery is easy now. To fix the error, you need to make use of the best reliable Outlook PST File Repair tool. But first know the reasons of corruption of PST file.

Some common causes for corruption of PST file are:

  • Due to the system crash when PST file is in use.
  • Due to sudden power cut while accessing PST files
  • Sharing PST files between different networks
  • Due to other reasons like virus attacks, software or hardware malfunction invalid registry entries, the contradiction of network can result in corruption of PST file.
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Solution to Recover Deleted Journal Items:

Make use of the Outlook PST File repair tool this will help you to retrieve deleted journals items from Outlook PST File. With the use of this tool, you can very easily solve any type of PST file corruption. This tool is designed to recover the PST mailboxes into its latest versions which include MS Outlook 2016, MS Exchange server, and cloud-based office 365 accounts along with many other email servers or web-based applications. This software is the perfect solution for PST file corruption and can be used by anyone as it does not require any technical knowledge. It is user-friendly. This tool is simple to use, simply download install and run this application. It will make your PST file error free and so you can use it without getting any error.


Step 1: Download, install and run Outlook PST File Repair tool. Then click on ‘select outlook file’ to choose the PST file where you want to work or you may find the specific PST file also.


Step 2: Press “start” to begin scanning, once you have selected the PST file.

outlookpsterror2Step 3: After scanning, all mailbox folders and other data emerging on left side of window. Choose files of your choice from those.


Step 4: Then “save recovered file” to restore files on your system.


Step 5: After saving your files, a dialogue box will appear that verifies that files are stored and also displays “destination path” and “recovered file size”.


Conclusion: Hope in this article you get the complete information about how to recover deleted journal items from Outlook PST file. you can make use of the Outlook File Repair tool this is the best tool to fix PST file corruption and also recover deleted data. Hope this works. Good Luck!!!

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