Recover Entourage Database from “An error occurred while trying to Rebuild your Database” Error

By | September 19, 2014

Fix Entourage RGE Error A personal information manager and email client for Mac system is provided by the Microsoft known as Entourage. This uses RGE file to manage and store the user information so that it is also known as entourage database. This application provides many facilities to its user but same like other application it can also get corrupt very easily and makes you unable to execute any action. In such situation you need to rebuild the entourage database.

Entourage database needs rebuild because of the given situation:

  • You face difficulties while executing Entourage application, storing any data in Entourage.
  • Use gets unable to remove any items from the Entourage database.
  • Entourage asked you to recover disk space.

After rebuilding the entourage database you can fix the above given situation but not all the time, it is because sometime you get unable to rebuild Entourage database. An error can makes you unable to rebuild your Entourage file. Sometime you may not get the wanted results because of an error, while the process of rebuilding the entourage database it displays the following given error:

“An error occurred while trying to rebuild your database”

The above given error may occur due to the one or more of the below given causes:

  • Entourage database gets corrupted or damaged very deeply and so that it cannot be rebuild by applying the Entourage built-in Database Utility.
  • Because of unavailability of enough disk space this error may occur.

Causes of Entourage File corruption:

  • Unwanted or abnormal shutdown of MS Entourage
  • Exploitation of the Entourage database file (RGE)
  • Deletion of supported file of Entourage accidently.
  • Because of computer Virus/malware attack
  • Unexpected power failure of System.

If Entourage database gets corrupt or damaged then you have to repair or restore Entourage file by applying the given repairing methods. Under this article you can get the complete solution to fix Entourage file which will guide you to make your database error free.

How to Repair a corrupt Entourage Database:

Repair or restoration method is very effective way to fix this file, there are mainly two methods to fix your database first is restoring your Entourage file by using an updated backup file and second is by applying OLM file repair tool.

Apply the updated backup file of your entourage database and restore it but don’t apply an outdated backup file because it may harm your stored information. If you don’t have the backup file or unable to restore due to any problem then you can apply the easiest way to recover entourage database i.e. Entourage repair tool. The third party software to repair entourage RGE file is able to fix RGE file. This is very simple method so that one can easily execute it without need of any extra knowledge or any user manual.

downloadnow file buynow file learn-more-button-orange

Its graphic user interface will makes you able to restore your corrupt file with ease and the most important part this software doesn’t need any backup file to restore your database. So now you can restore entourage file even without need of backup file.

Steps for using Entourage repair tool are shown below:

Step 1: Start the Entourage repair Tool software. Then ‘Select Entourage Database File’ dialog box which gets displayed first by default. In the text box you will find a default location of database file, is by default selected. Press on ‘Browse’ option to select database file from any other location.

user guide1

Step 2: After this the file will scan itself. After completion of scanning process, a summary message box will get displayed. Click on the ‘Close’ button to close this message box.user guide2

Step 3: After this have a preview of the repaired Entourage database file before saving, open it in Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair. You will find the default repaired mail which is displayed on the preview window. To have a preview of any mail, click on ‘Mail’ button of the Tool bar or go to ‘View’ menu and click Mail option. You can even select your desired Entourage mailbox folder to see its contents.user guide3

database from RGE files.

Step 4: To save the repaired entourage file at your desired location, click on the File option on the application’s menu bar. Select the ‘Save Repaired File’ option. After this you will find the ‘Destination Folder’ dialog box. Select your desired destination for saving the repaired file.user guide4

Step 5: After this you will find a Saving process dialog box. You can even click on ‘Stop’ button to stop the file saving process.user guide5