Recover and Restore Partial Corrupted .MDB Access File

By | July 3, 2015

ms_accessGenerally, nowadays data are more precious than money. For any of the organization, data is the most important skill of any of the existing organization. Microsoft generally provided the database application, known as MS Access for helping database management system. MS Access allows the users to build different type of forms, queries, tables, reports and also VBA modules that generally covers the back-end (reporting/maintenance) and front-end (load/entry). Generally, in any database if there are number of hundred records, then searching the any information would be a time taking process. MS Access solves this time taking process and proves to be best in searching information. By giving few commands user could obtain any information easily. It properly accumulates and controls the user’s important data. Thus it’s generally helps in saving users important data and also information in two file formats such as MDB (.mdb) andACCDB (.accdb). But sometimes this ms Access file generally goes corrupted.

The older version of the MS Access generally uses one of the file format known as MDB (.mdb). The latest version of MS Access uses ACCDB (.accdb) file format and offers some extra features.

But its quite common that, these files are susceptible to corruption. File can be easily get corrupted or spoiled due to certain various unexpected reason. These corruption Access database could be sometime being identified if the user fails to open an .mdb file and thus got an error message. Also, the data stored in.mdb file becomes hard to find and hence in order to resolve the issue users need to repair or restore it. But before moving into repairing process it is very essential to know the main reason behind corruption. Here are few of the main reason due to which a corruption takes palace:

Reasons for the Corruption:

1. Virus attack:  The one of the most common reason behind the corruption of database is non other than a virus effect. These harmful viruses could easily harm the present records in the database and make them infected.

2. Failure of the hard disk: This hard disk failure generally occurs due logical and physical issues. This can harm the user’s data and thus make them hard to find.

3. Due to improper synchronization of data: Data could be easily synchronized into two or more devices but sometime if there would be improper synchronization then it might cause corruption of the file.

4. Access files being cancelled improperly: When some programs are closed unexpectedly, this program may cause harm to the data.

Sometimes, when the user come transversely, then in such situation, their data stored in it gets hard to find. Inorder to resolve such issues, user could use an inbuilt utility provided by Microsoft called “DBCC CHECKDB”. It is generally used to check the reliability and integrity of MDF(Master Database File). Also, it is being used for the databases which are partially corrupted but it could not be able to repair the rigorous issue. If the damage is severe then this tool is not helpful and at this situation you need to use third party repair tool.

MDB repairing tool:

Corrupted or damaged files are processed in the following order:

  • Analysis of the data extraction and source file: Here, the present data and the structure of the system and also the user’s tables are processed. The software generally extracts given information about all related queries and relations and analyzes the data that could be recovered. While saving the data which is recorded, Recovery Toolbox for Access would exactly restore the structure of the original document and thus the data is being managed for recovery.
  • Analysis of the data: While saving the database according to the data retrieved from the source file, the software generally restores the structure of user’s tables such as indexes, field types and names, relations between tables and the structure of queries (any information used in queries: conditions, table fields and tables themselves, relations between them). Also apart from that, data integrity is being checked and corresponding error messages are added to the journal.
  • Data being saved:  The software thus prepares a new database file with a name specified by the user. All relations, queries and tables are formed on the basis of the data retrieved on the earlier analysis stage. Also the irrecoverable data is not copied to the new file. But the table data from the source file is copied to the output file.

Access data Recovery: User need to try the “Recovery Toolbox for Access” (download mdb recovery utility), which would easily allow them to make quickly and easily recovery of all the corrupted data from Microsoft Access files. This software (AccessRecovery, data access mdb repair) is quite easy to make in use, so that the user don’t need any special database-related skills. It is quite user friendly and highly-intuitive interface of Recovery for damaged Access tool.

While going through all this above mentioned manual procedure, even though the user is not being able to rectify his/her damaged access data, then it’s better to use MS Access File Repair Tool.

 MS-Access File repairing tool:

The Access repairing tool (MS Access recovery software) is quite an instinctive, capable and reasonable tool for making extraction of data from corrupted Microsoft Access files.  It generally helps in repairing corrupted, damaged or unreachable database. It is the best way for repairing any sort of corrupted issue in Access database. It could easily repair and restore database with certain queries, primary key’s, table structure, table’s data and objects. So, it’s better for the users to download this amazing repair tool and get relieve from corruption related issues.

Features of this Access Repairing Tool:

This Access File Repairing Tool would easily answers many users problem related question, such as:

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steps to repair

Step 1:Download and install Stellar Phoenix Access recovery software.


Step 2: Just click on “Open MS access file” button on the toolbar. You will find a pop-up window from where you can search or select for an ‘.mdb’/’.accdb’ file in your PC.


Step 3: Look at the image below you will find same image in your computer screen. With the help of this “Customers” table you will be able to view both the data and column information.


Step 4:Preview the column information of “Employees” table.


Step 5: Now you will the preview of database query.