How to Recover DB2 Database?

By | November 12, 2013

Recovering DB2 Database Are you receiving any error message when you are taking backup of DB2 database? Or while restoring the database backup an error message pops up? And when the answer of the above questions results to be ‘yes’ then the possibilities which may occur is the database corruption. Both the logical reasons such as application malfunction, improper system shutdown etc as well as physical reasons such as natural disasters, water, heat etc leads to the damage in DB2 database. The reputed data recovery organization can recover database from physical damaged hard drive and from the third-party DB2 Repair software only can repair logically damaged DB2 database.

Thus, for complete explanation of the above situation to recover DB2 database, just obtain real-time situation to the place where you want your DB2 database backup. When you will run the backup command then the backup process gets started. Hence, while database backup process keeps going then you will come across the following error message:
�SQL0980C Disk error occurs so cant process successive SQL statements .�

Thus, the DB2 database backup halts as soon as the above message seems to appear. Apart from this, when the above message appears then database becomes uncountable. Due to this database records which is being saved also becomes inaccessible. The below mentioned error message occurs while viewing db2diag.log file:
MESSAGE : ADM6023I The table space “SYSTOOLSTMP” (ID “28”) is within condition.

0x”0″. You can’t access the table space so refer to the documentation for SQLCODE -290.


When the database seems to get damaged logically then appears the above mentioned error message.


Thus, in order to pass the past the above mentioned error message and resolve the corruption of DB2 database the following actions you must take:

For complete restoration just take another backup file i.e. standby database.

As this standby database do not store entire changes that have been made recently in order to access all those changes i.e. updated database that have been made recently then you need to repair the database with the help of effective DB2 recovery utility. Thus, DB2 database Repair tools repair the logically damaged DB2 database as this is the effective recovery technique.

As per logical crash, this DB2 Repair Tool seems to be the pioneer for recovering corrupted database. Almost every database objects can be recovered by the read-only DB2 Recovery software as it is compatible with IBM DB2 (UDB) v8. It is user friendly tool and is designed to the operating system such as Windows 2003, XP and 2000.

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Steps to Recover DB2 Database:

Step 1:  Download, Install and Run DB2 File Repair software. It will provides two options to repair db2 file, first option is for if the database is attached to DB2, then you can select the option ‘Repair the database stored at default location‘, and if the database is not attached to DB2 then choose the manual selection of database.

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Step 2: It will provide you the list of database attached to DB2. Select the particular database you want to repair and recover corresponding database objects.

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Step 3: In this step this tool provide the list of recoverable database files. You can see the preview by clicking on it.

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Step 4: Give the path location for the recoverable database and its object to be saved. Click on ‘Ok’ button.

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