How to Repair H264 MP4 Video File on Mac?

By | September 4, 2015

fixing H264 MP4 Video FileH264 is a video codec that is used in various kinds of video file including MP4 video file. This video coding help in merging, trimming, cropping, and adding subtitles to the MP4 or MPEG-4 video file. The main purpose of this code is to record, compress and distribute video content over different media. MP4 file with h.264 codec is also referred as Audio Video Coding (AVC). However, the best part about this code is that after you record videos on different devices with different file formats you can convert them to h.264 file format with same file extension. Today over net, most of the video songs, movies and other videos are available in MP4 format with h.264 codec and it has become most popular file format all over the world.

But, H264 MP4 file may get corrupted if there is any unexpected error starts to occur with the video file. For example – consider that you have recorded a memorable video with your camera and the video get saved in SD card. Later you have moved the file from your camera to your Mac system. Now you are trying to convert video file to h.264 Mp4 file format. And after conversion you have found that the video is not playable in any of the media or video player. So, now what to do? Well, you can repair the H.264 MP4 video file on your Mac system with the effective third party MP4 file repair tool for Mac. But before that let us know what are the other causes that can damage/corrupt MP4 files.

Reason behind corruption/damage of H264 MP4 video file

  • Improper conversion or conversion of video to H264 mp4 file format on Mac OS can make it corrupt or damage. Hence you cannot play it on any media player.
  • Presence of bad sector in Mac hard drive where you have saved the video can easily corrupt the file and therefore it can be played.
  • Virus or malware program can easily corrupt all files stored in your system including MP4 file.

So, if h.264 mp4 video file gets damaged then it will not play in any multimedia player or video players. Moreover, some of the videos may display different error messages like unsupported mp4 file format. Your video file becomes useless and it will not work anymore but as you need that video back. In such cases, you can take help of effective Mp4 file repair software.

Tool to repair H264 MP4 video files on Mac

MP4 File Repair tool for Mac is one of the appropriate software that is specifically designed to fix, repair corrupted, damaged, broken MP4 videos on Mac OS X. The advance algorithm of this tool is able to deeply scan the file and fix the severely corrupted H264 mp4 video file. It can easily fix the videos recorded in Mp4 format on Sony handycam, Olympus camera, GoPro, Canon camcorder and other video recorder gadgets. This software designed to work an all version Mac OS such as Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS based computers. But if you are Window users and looking to Repair MP4 Files That Won’t Play On Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista , Window XP then separate Mp4 file for Windows is also available.

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Steps to Repair H264 MP4 video files

Step 1 – Install and launch Mac MP4 File Repair Tool. Click on “Corrupted File” to add corrupted H264 MP4 videos to the software.Use guide for recover corrupted MP4 file
Step 2 – Click on “Repair” button to repair your damaged/corrupted Mp4 video.

User guide for recover Corrupted MP4 file

Step 3 – You can see that your corrupt Mp4 file is getting repaired.

User guide foe recover corrupted MP4 file
Step 4 – Once the repairing process completes, you can preview them by clicking on “Preview” button.mp4-ug4

Step 5 – Finally click on “Save” button to save your repaired MP4 file.