6 Useful Ways to Repair InDesign Files on Mac OS X

By | January 7, 2017

to Repair Corrupt and Damaged InDesign DocumentThere are various factors that could partially or completely corrupt your Adobe InDesign files. Corruption in InDesign files could severely damage other InDesign elements such as Media Objects, Text, Images, Bookmarks, layers, Tables, Notes & Footnotes, Standard Shapes, Special Characters, Animation, Hyperlinks and many more. A single affected INDD element can even corrupt the whole file or can lead to abrupt behavior of InDesign document.

This abrupt behavior can be anything like sudden system crash, unexpected freezing, inaccessible of INDD document or loss of InDesign files. If you are too facing corruption issue while accessing your INDD file then keep reading this article. Below you have 6 useful tips to repair INDD files on Mac OS X.


6 Workarounds To Repair INDD Files On

Mac OS X

1) InDesign Troubleshoot on Mac OS X

InDesign Program has a very helpful feature known as Document Recovery which let you restore your lost INDD files. This feature can restore your file which have been interrupted and damaged due to sudden power failure or other system issues. Unfortunately, there are various reasons behind the corruption of file like malware/virus attack, software glitch, disk crash, disk errors and bad permissions.

2) Fix Mac Disk Permissions

If your file is corrupted due to disk error then with the help of disk utility you can repair your Mac hard drive with options like – Repair Disk and Repair Disk Permissions. The permission differs for InDesign files so this might be the reason behind corruption. By repairing disk errors you can easily recover corrupt InDesign files. Once the disk check is over re-launch your InDesign application and check the INDD documents.

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3) Disk Maintenance

Don’t miss this point. Check whether your hard drive needs maintenance apart from disk repair. For an example your Mac hard drive may be choking due to insufficient space. So just check your files storage on Mac hard drive through Storage. To do so follow:

Apple Logo<<About This Mac<<More Info<<Storage

 Don’t forget to perform disk cleaning by removing junks files from the drive to make more room for your documents. And, check the RAM consumption as low RAM can lead to frequent freezing of the application. You can even save your InDesign files to external hard drive.

4)  Save the document in IDML or INX format.

After using the above ways to fix the corrupt file make sure to close your INDD application and launch it again. To open your InDesign file after relaunching the application follow:

  • Open up your damaged InDesign file
  • Choose File > Export.
  • Go to the save as type menu, choose InDesign Markup(CS4 and later) or InDesign Interchange (CS3 and earlier).
  • Assign name and location to your file and tap to the save option.
  • Now in the InDesign, open the exported IDML or INX file.
  • If the problem is resolved then continue using the IDML or INX file as a replacement of your original document.

5) Check Compatibility And Install The Latest Indesign Update.

  • In InDesign, choose Help > Updates.



6) Lastly, Repair damaged InDesign files through software

If none of the above given ways helped you to fix the issue then use the third party repair tool. InDesign Repair Tool can repairs & recovers your corrupt, damaged or inaccessible files from Mac hard drive. This professional tool even supports INDD document repair of CS5.5, CS6 and Creative Cloud (CC). It is compatible with almost every mac version. Simply download and follow its simple user interface to repair your file.


Steps to Repair INDD File Error:

Step 1: Very firstly install and launch InDesign Repair Tool. Here, the main software boundary illustrates about capabilities and features. Click ‘Next’ to advance ahead.


Step 2: Then ‘Select File’ so that you can browse the preferred segment in your Mac and then pick the damage INDD file.


Step 3: Or choose personage hard drive or volume so as to verify all INDD files. After INDD files are listed, you can opt for troubled one and click ‘Repair’ option.


Step 4: In development bar, you can check ongoing process.


Step 5: Software opens up repaired file with Adobe InDesign to demonstrate its preview when the file is repaired.


Step 6: When you press ‘Save’, the InDesign Repair tool accumulates repaired INDD file to default spot or any additional particular scene.


Tips to Avoid INDD File Corruption:

  • Take valid backup of important Adobe Photoshop files
  • Delete the Adobe files after checking it twice or thrice.
  • Be sure to scan your PC with the authorized antivirus software and examine the computer hard drive.
  • Take necessary backup InDesign files on external storage devices.
  •  Keep your Windows program updated.
  • Avoid using virus infected third party program like downloading free software, audios, videos etc.