How to repair MP4 video not playing in VLC

By | July 4, 2015

Recover MP4 file not playing on VLC player

Generally, VLC media player or simply VLC is a commonly used media player application, which is nowadays freely available. This media player almost designed for supporting all video and audio files, no matter in whichever file format they are being saved. This VLC is generally well accepted media player as it is quite easy to use wizard and also it’s has enormous compatibility with different operating systems. However, there are some instances where MP4 file may stops playing on VLC, which is general concern for some users. Take an example from day to day practical scenario:

Practical Scenario:

One of the user recently played MP4 video file on VLC media player, but today he is not been able to play his MP4 video file on VLC.  However, sometimes it starts playing MP4 file without any sound by expected freeze and sometimes the file refuses to play on VLC and thus displays an error message. Now the general question arise in one’s mind is that how to overcome from such situation. But before discussing it, let us discuss reasons behind occurrence of such issues.

Reasons for the occurrence error:

  • The problem in VLC media occurs due to improper syncing of audio and video streams in MP4 files.
  • Sometimes, during the downloading period of MP4 file, an interruption occurs which results in such error messages.
  • Generally an error occurs during modification or edition of MP4 videos.
  • Sometimes, a VLC media player doesn’t have suitable Codecs for playing MP4 file.
  • Also, many a time a MP4 video file header is unreadable or dented.
  • The most important reason is that, MP4 file is generally affected by harmful viruses.
  • Sometimes users pull out the memory card immediately when video is recorded, results in video loss.

 Also, there are abundance of situations where user’s rational or desired MP4 video clips stops playing on VLC media player. For setting up this problem, user could try for re-installing VLC media player on their system. In case MP4 video is still unplayable on VLC even after re-installing the player, problem is in MP4 video file only. Hence, the user could choose suitable third party MP4 file repair tool to fix MP4 file and also for making video playable on VLC.


  1. MP4 unable to play.
  2. Generally MP4 files fails to respond.
  3. Also, sometimes video file stops suddenly while playing.
  4. Recording of video file fails when the device is indicating low battery.
  5. Sometimes MP4 video file is unable transfer on any other device.
  6. Due to infection of virus, MP4 video files stops playing.
  7. Also due to accidently formatting of memory card, causes problem.

 Repairing of MP4 video file not playing on VLC:

Many a times when MP4 file is degraded, then user could improve or renovate the data of MP4 file simply by repairing MP4 files. Also for this restoring and repairing process, users just need to use MP4 Repair Tool in order to fix the issues related to MP4. MP4 Repair Tool is the software which generally helps in repairing the spoiled/ruined/broken MP4 files which is unable to play by other application or by Quick Time used to run multimedia files. This software supports repair of MP4 files generated on various devices such as digital cameras and camcorders of various brands such as Samsung, Sanyo, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm etc along with different iPhones. It also provides work when user incorrectly by mistake copied MP4 files from another storage device or when downloaded incompletely from the internet. Thus, this software successfully helps in recovery of user’s corrupted or inaccessible mp4 files without any data loss. The repair technique used by this software is quite better and unique when compared to any other repair tools which are being available today online. So, it’s better for the users to just download MP4 Repair Tool in order to get back their corrupted or damaged mp4 data entirely and easily.

Features of MP4 File Repair Tool:

  • This repairing tool helps in repairing the entire MOV files that get suddenly or truncated finalized by the camcorder due to its fault firmware.
  • It also helps in supporting MP4, MOV video files which are having a larger file size.
  • This repair tool provides completely automated repairing procedure, which generally separates audio and video data streams and afterward adjoins them for generating a pertinent playable video file.
  • It helps in repairing video clips of high-definition.
  • Also this repairing tool, repairs severally damaged and corrupted GoPro Mp4 videos.
  • User could also preview the repaired file before saving them and it would help them in evaluating the trial version before buying the software.

steps to repair

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