How to Repair ORA-01578: Oracle Data Block Corruption

By | December 15, 2015

Recover Oracle Data Block CorruptionORA-01578 runtime error” is an Oracle database table error, which occur when there are many blocks of a corrupted table. At such situation, the database table becomes inaccessible due to the un-readability of Oracle to the existing table.

This situation might lead to serious data loss issue, but you can come out from this data loss issue if you got the previous or the updated backup file. The backup file is the prime and vital thing in our life. It not only saves your data but even let you come out from the dreaded data loss situation. In case you lost your data then you can easily have them from the backup file. But what if you don’t have the current backup file. No need to worry still there are chances to recover them. But before moving into the recovery process know what are the possible reason behind the block corruption:

Mainly there are 2 types of corruption found in Oracle database table: Logical & Physical. There are various Logical & Physical corruptions behind the inaccessibility of Oracle database table few are: virus infection, crashed hard drive, improper attempts of NOLOGGING and many more.

Whenever you face block corruption, there are two preventative measures for dealing with block corruption:

DB_BLOCK_CHECKING – The server process, which checks the data, blocks for the internal consistency and integrity.
DB_BLOCK_CHECKSUM – Before writing to the hard drive it calculates the checksum for every block.

Even the Oracle developers have provided an inbuilt utility – RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager). It is capable of detecting block corruption no matter it came due to physical & logical reason. RMAN inbuilt utility is designed to work with servers & to take backup of Oracle database as well as to restore it when Oracle database is corrupted due to any reasons.

Its main role is to detect the physically corrupt data block when you backup the database or restoring it. It cannot automatically check logical corruption of blocks you have to specify the ‘CHECK LOGICAL’ choice for differentiating logical corruption.

In some case, RMAN fails to fix the block corruption thus the Oracle database remains inaccessible. This situation can even push you into the data loss issue at such situation the last option left with you is to use professional third-party software. Oracle Database Repair Tool will help you in recovering data from the unusable or inaccessible state. It is the complete solution for recovering the Oracle database data. It can successfully repair the Oracle database of Oracle 9i, 10g & 11g. It can easily restore all objects like Tables, Index, Views, Triggers, Constraints & more.

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Steps to Repair ORA-01578: Oracle Data Block Corruption

Step 1: Search Initial screen of Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery with a pop-up window showing options to select or search corrupt Oracle databases in your computer.1

Step 2: Click Scan File to initiate the scan process after selecting the oracle database. The recoverable database objects get listed in left-side pane.


Step 3: Click an object to see its preview.


Step 4: : Click Start Repair in the icon bar to start the repair process. A pop-up window is displayed which show the steps needed to perform further. Click next and continue.


Step 5: Give the user name, password and path of the blank database where you want to save the repaired database objects.
Step 6: Repairing and restoring various database objects after establishing a connection with blank oracle database.