How to Repair Outlook can’t Connect to the Exchange Server Error Code 18597?

By | August 9, 2016

entourageFor Mac system a new version of Outlook is launched i.e. MS Outlook 2011, this app is specially designed Mac users for emailing purpose. This version is also known as the improved version of Entourage 2008 that came before Outlook 2011. In Outlook 2011 Exchange Web services are doesn’t connect to Exchange and it will allow user to work in non-cached environment.

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Sometime, Outlook 2011 gets unable to connecting it with Exchange Server, this error is also known as Exchange Server Error Code 18597. In this blog you will read the both manual and automatic methods to fix this issue with ease.

Outlook 2011

Mac Outlook 2011 is always executed in cached mode unlike Outlook for Windows. In order to get “online mode” in Outlook for Mac apply the below given method:

Navigate to Outlook Menu > Preferences > Accounts > Choose the Exchange account > Go to Advanced Tab > Choose Download Headers only option. At this time you will get a list of messages but the downloading process installs only when user views every single message.

In some cases user may receive error message while attempting to connect Outlook with the Exchange server to open mails, messages, calendars etc. This error is called Error Code 18597 on the Mac system.

Some of the Cause of Error Code 18597

  • This error may appear when the email address is typed in the dialog box of Exchange account doesn’t equivalent with the one the Exchange Server expects. Because of the mismatching of the email address, Outlook 2011 does let it to connect with Exchange Server.
  • You may also receive Error 18597 when password entered in user’s active directory account has expired. Reset password through Outlook Web Access (OWA) and re-execute Entourage to fix the error.

Tricks to Fix the Error Code 18597

  • First confirm that the URL used by Outlook to connect the Exchange Server is accurate like the same it was on Entourage.
  • Create a test user account in Mac OS and set up the Exchange account in Outlook from the recently created user.
  • Another option is to fix this issue: Troubleshoot Exchange connectivity. Enable logging by applying following steps: Run Outlook for Mac > Select Error Log from the Windows Menu > navigate to settings in upper right corner of Error window > Choose the checkbox of Turn On Logging for troubleshooting > Choose OK
  • You can also apply Microsoft’s free web based tool i.e. Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer. This app is specially designed to Exchange Administrators with the testing and configuration of their Exchange-Based services. This will also help you in troubleshooting Auto discover settings used by Outlook for Mac, Microsoft Entourage or Web Services Edition, this use Exchange Web Services Protocol. Apply the below given steps to use the Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer:

Step 1: Open and choose the desired test that user want to execute

Step 2: Choose synchronization, Notification, Availability and Automatic Replies (OOF) present under Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Tests options and click Next.testconnectivity1

Step 3: Choose Use Autodiscover to detect settings to test autodiscover or either use Specify Exchange Web Services URL to enter the external server address manually. Click on Perform Test to proceed.performTest2

Step 4: Here you will see the progress of test will be displayed as it tests server addresses, services and DNS records.exchangeRemoteConnectivityAnalyzer3

Step 5: After completion of the test, analyzer will give either successful result or failure. You will receive a list of failures. Administrators can fix this by correcting issues lower in hierarchy and work to peak until all the connectivity error are addressed.connectivityTestFailed4

Automatic Fix for Exchange Server Error Code 18597

When your entourage database gets corrupted then it becomes very important to fix the corruption so that the entourage database can be accessed. When any repairing method does not work then you should try some alternative method to repair the corruption issue. Here using any professional and trusted tool will be the best option to fix the damaged database file. Such type of tools has the ability to deal with all sorts of corruption issue. Whenever you are unable to fix the data loss situation then you should use Entourage File Repair Tool. This is one of the best repair tools which have the ability to fix corrupt and damage Entourage database (RGE) file. Really great software that performs Entourage recovery from Mac only in few minutes as this is built with an advanced features and takes deep scanning process of the entire hard drive or disk.

downloadnow file buynow file learn-more-button-orange

It can recover corrupt data which includes contacts, attachments, e-mail messages, notes, calendar, tasks etc in their original form and that too without any further damage. This tool repairs the entourage database in three easy steps: Scan, Detect and Repair. It provides rich graphical user interface that makes the entire repair process easy. It can easily archives the entourage email database to backup the data and to transfers the entourage account completely. The entourage repair tool helps you to repair and restore the damaged database in simple, fast and in a secure way.


Step 1: Start the Entourage repair Tool software. After that ‘Select Entourage Database File’ dialog box that gets displayed first by default. Now in the text box you will find a default location of database file, is by default selected. Press on ‘Browse‘ option to select database file from any other location.

user guide1

Step 2: After this the file will scan itself. After the completion of scanning process, a summary message box will get displayed. Hit on the ‘Close’ button to close this summary message box.

user guide2

Step 3: After this have a preview of the repaired Entourage database file before saving, open it in Stellar Phoenix Entourage Repair. You will find the default repaired mail which is displayed on the preview window. To have a preview of any mail, hit on ‘Mail’ button of the Tool bar or go to ‘View’ menu and click Mail option. You can even select your desired Entourage mailbox folder to see its contents.

user guide3

Step 4: Now to save the repaired entourage file at your desired location, click on the File option on the application’s menu bar. Then select the ‘Save Repaired File’ option and after this you will find the ‘Destination Folder’ dialog box. Select your desired destination for saving the repaired file.

user guide4

Step 5: At last you will find a saving process dialog box. You can even click on ‘Stop’ button to stop the file saving process.

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