How to Repair and Rebuild your identity database in Entourage 2008 for Mac?

By | November 29, 2013

1Entourage Identity allows multiple users to access their contacts, email, calendars entries, task, notes, journals etc. in a separate and unique form.  If you are using MS Entourage for more than one account such as for your personal and business use then Entourage can configure to have multiple identity. And each identity use a separate set of account setting, task, appointment or calendar entries, email messages and many more.  If you have multiple identities then there are chances to get damage. The term Identity and Database are often used interchangeably. Identity is also named as users by many Entourage users. Entourage keeps your data in an Identity and Mac OS makes a users. This user folder lies at the root level of start-up disk and holds the home folder of all the users account. If you go to MUD “Microsoft User Data” folder you will notice that entourage has created a blank identity inside that folder which is your identity in which your vital information are stored like emails, contact, notes, journals, appointments, meetings etc.

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Microsoft Entourage database is a widely used email client made for Mac users by Microsoft. It is the main product of MS office suite. Entourage 2008 is an updated version of MS Office that contains many new and advanced features to recover, store, manage and quick access to your data.  It uses a single RGE file and separate identities for every users. In some case your identity gets corrupted and you face unwanted error messages.

Imagine a scenario when you are working on an exchange sever and using Entourage 2008. The database inside the main identity is 10GB. You need to remove the email with are older than current year. You created an archive and attached it as the local storage as a compressed archive file. You imported your inbox to .rge archive and attached it to local storage archive. Before working you shut down the entourage and made a duplicate copy of main identity. When you created the duplicate copy you were interested to see so many backup copies of the identity. You loaded 10 GB identity in entourage compared to the folder structure.

When you went back to load Main identity to did it without verifying. You loaded up your entourage and it appeared to be okay. You didn’t noticed any corruption but as you went back to the last folder the send folder you got to know that there is a corruption. The archive was corrupted as well as the inbox that is connected with the exchange server. You want to back up the main identity folder but it seems like you cannot access it without rebuilding. In such situation we remain blank we don’t know the next step.

Entourage corruption is due to many reasons here you have few symptoms that will appear when your database is corrupted. It stops responding when you try to delete, move any items from the folders. You will face problem while running the application. Entourage will crash or freeze at the time of opening. You won’t be able to delete the received messages. Rebuilding your Entourage database should not be considered as a proxy for an ample backup. Your entire data will become inaccessible.

To resolve the issue manually you can use the inbuilt database utility of MS Entourage to rebuild your database and solve the corruption issue.  Go through the following steps to rebuild the database.

  • Close all the office application.
  • Now open the Database Utility start up the entourage by holding the option key present on the keyboard.
  • Choose the database that you want to rebuild it provides the option to select.
  • Choose the rebuild option and click on continue option to start the rebuilding process.
  • After the rebuild process is complete you will find a message on your screen “Your database is successfully rebuilt”.
  • Click on done.
  • Now click on quit button.

Sometime the users are not benefited with this step if you are one of them then you can use the third party repair tool to rebuild the database. Entourage Repair Tool will allow you to get back the corrupted data. It’s very hard to restore the corrupted database but with the help of this tool you can easily restore them back. It works in all cases of corruption, damage and successfully repairs and restores the database in a healthy form without making any changes in the data.  This recovery tool is specially designed to carry out a complicated scanning algorithm of the entire database and extract almost every object from it like emails, tasks, contacts, notes, attachments, calendar entries and many more.