Repair & Recover Lost Databases during Postgres to MySQL Migration

By | January 14, 2017

Recover Lost Databases during Postgres to MySQL Migration

It has been a huge difference from nowadays where big enterprises are regularly checking and searching the right one which fits to their database because it takes a lot of deep search and study to choose which one will be correct. Though it is known that each enterprise have their own requirements and it is very important for the company to select on the database which need. Many times due to some problem in the database, many users change their database from one to another and in between some impossible changes occurs which makes impossible to repair.

Even MySQL database is lost when they change their database from postgres to MySQL. There are many things which are faced by users while migrating Postgres to MySQL. Before that, Postgres is one of the open source database platform which is very much popular with web and mobile application developers because of its cost effectiveness, ease of care along with simple integration with open source technologies. However the most dangerous task to maintain postgres is by backing up to its database regularly. Backup is important because this can help users from many things:

  • It protects data from losing due to failure of infrastructure component
  • Protecting data from corruption or harmful data loss situations

However the entire responsibility of database backup is one DBA. Smaller organizations or programmers have to create their own backup and so it is very important for everyone using postgres of how to backup and how to restore from backup.

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What issue faced using postgres?

Well some of the problem occurs when migrating postgres to MySQL because of limitations of postgres. Some of the limitations are:

Ineffective architecture for writes– There are few task which relational database should perform but postgres does not suits all these like:

  • Providing skills to make schema changes
  • Giving enough skills to insert or delete

Table corruption problem– The problem can occur in postgres at the time of promotion of increase database capacity. Because of this several incorrect timeline occurs which were being undertaken.

Problem occurs while upgrading newer release– With several releases of postgres, there was no possibility to release the data because replication records data at physical level and this may be difficult for the database.

Wasteful data duplication– Compared to MySQL, postgres requires higher bandwidth, however the duplication may not be the problem with single data center but the actual problem occurs when repetition is done several times between centers.

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What does MySQL bring to the table?

However many users migrate postgres to mysql and at that time, some issues occurs which create a problem for mysql database. However the limitations which are faced using postgres has overcome by MySQL and has changed the decision to shift its database because MySQL has many advanced features to handle the situation. They are:

InnoDB On-Disk Representation

Several differences are there where postgres directly maps index records on disk location but here InnoDB manages a secondary structure. It holds a record to a pointer to primary key and secondary index in MySQL is linked with index keys with primary keys. All in whole, it simply requires less updates for indexes and it does not require any more updates.

Caching (The Buffer Pool)

When time comes to cache then both the database plays different role. Postgres access the data through page cache and InnoDB uses its own LRU in InnoDB which has wide advantages like:

  • There is a possibility of applying a custom LRU
  • Can result fewer context switches


However MySQL has several replication modes which are:

  • Row based changes the row records
  • Statement based duplicates logical SQL statements
  • With mixed replication, it mixes both the modes mentioned above
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How to recover lost MySQL database

While migration of postgres to MySQL, many times the data of MySQL is invisible to users and it shows error which means that that the database is corrupted. When migration of postgres to MySQL is done then MySQL data does not visible to users which means that the entire database has become corrupted or damaged. At this situation, nothing goes on mind and the repairing is also important. So at this time, using a powerful repair tool will help you to repair the database and easily recovers the lost data from it. MySQL File Repair Tool is one of the amazing recovery tool recovers and restores data and tables structure in a healthy form. So with the support of this software there is no chance of losing your important data after corruption. It supports almost every version of MySQL such as 2.x, 1.x, 4.x, 3.x or 4.x that can be easily accessible on all the present platforms that includes Windows 95/ 98/XP/2003/2000 servers. With its user friendly interface you can easily use this software because it doesn’t require technical knowledge so non-technical user can also operate it.

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Steps to backup MySQL database

Step 1: Download, install and launch the MySQl Database repair tool.
Step 2: Click ‘Select’ button to find and add corrupt MySQL database to the application and then select OK. Here you have the option of ‘Repair corrupt database which is stored at default location of MySQL’ and ‘Manual option to selct your database from default location’.
Step 3: After the scanning process you can now see the preview of the file in the left panel of the software.
Step 4: Now you can start the reairing process, just click on Repair button. A dialoguie box will appear. Click Yes.
Step 5: After successful completion of the process, a message box is displayed as ‘repair process finished successfully’. Click ‘OK’ to close the message box.
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