Repairing Outlook 2016 Corrupt PST

By | November 26, 2015

If you are an MS Outlook user then the latest version of MS Outlook would surely excite you to know about it. Here you will be guided will little tweak and slight updated features. Kind of update that was offered to 2010 is quite similar to that of 2016. Nonetheless this version of Outlook aims at professionals and IT developers that require 365 Office subscriptions.

And the focused area that we will be targeting in this article will be regarding the technical aspect of Outlook 2016 and repairing the corruption errors into MS Outlook.

Reason the corruption PST file in Outlook 2016?

Although every application is upgraded so as to turn usefulness of an application better than before, some issues do not alter with the alteration in the version. Therefore in case of Outlook PST file 2016 also you may encounter errors that were bothering into the version 2013 also and only few exceptions are on hand.

When wandering from a preceding Outlook version to 2016, fresh file will be created that might possibly corrupt older version.

Because of tremendously large volume of PST file also corruption may happen.

If you use network for the purpose of sharing your Outlook PST file, then some technical could cause corruption.

Bad segments within your hard disk are another probable reason for the occurrence of PST file corruption and hence PST file becomes inaccessible.

Making use untrustworthy software for splitting or compressing PST file can damage them.

If your system if infected by virus then they can be damaged and thereby confine entrée to Outlook data.

If any of above mentioned reason is responsible for the corruption of yo0ur Outlook PST file then you be barred from accessing your data. Therefore in order to overcome the corruption you have a manual process and a full automated solution as discussed below.

Manual method to repair CORRUPT PST

A built-in utility known as Outlook ScanPST.exe can help you to fix the corruption and you can operate it to get rid of negligible and small issues. All you have to do is;

  • Exit Outlook PST if it is processing
  • Search ScanPST.exe on your system at (<disk drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\<your office version>)
  • Open the .exe file
  • Now locate the PST file that you want to repair by searching or directly browsing to its stored location and then,
  • Launch Outlook
  • Press File -> Info -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> Data Files
  • Record the path and name of .pst file
  • Hit close-> ok
  • Then depart outlook

Restriction of Manual Method

This utility is not able to repair all noticed difficulty. Like if the items are permanently deleted they may not be recovered

For using this tool you should be technically knowledgeable like location of PST and repair appliance.

Manual creation of fresh PST file is required and recovering and then each recovered has to be dragged into the newly created folder.

Fully automated solution for Outlook 2016 Corrupt PST file

If you are suffering from the error yet then it must be repaired with Outlook PST File Repair Tool. This is professionally designed tool that can resolve all Outlook PST connected issues. This software is capable of repairing any damaged PST or OST file as well. It scans intact file painstakingly and substitute it with a fit PST file. Even the files that are password protected or encrypted files with simplicity.

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Steps to fix Outlook PST file corruption

Step 1: Download, install and run Repair tool. Then click on ‘select outlook file’ to choose the PST file where you want to work or you may find the specific PST file also.


Step 2: Press “start” to begin scanning, once you have selected the PST file.

outlookpsterror2Step 3: After scanning, all mailbox folders and other data emerging on left side of window. Choose files of your choice from those.


Step 4: Then “save recovered file” to restore files on your system.


Step 5: After saving your files, a dialogue box will appear that verifies that files are stored and also displays “destination path” and “recovered file size”.


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