Resolve Entourage Error 3259 – “An operation on the server timed out”

By | April 4, 2014

entourage While working on MS Entourage you might have faced several error messages. It is very common to face error when you extensively using a program. Microsoft has developed a best thing for Apple Mac users the Entourage. Microsoft Entourage is the popular and widely used email application that makes communication easy and brings more advanced features. It is the part of Microsoft Office for Mac suite. It help you to send, receive and manage your valuable emails, tasks, to do, notes, contacts, and appointments. It is the most dependable personal information manager.

Entourage Error 3259

The above error is also very common in Entourage that user face while receiving or sending emails. To explanation the above error let me give you’re a live example. While sending some data through MS Entourage you encountered an error that says “

“An operation on the server timed out”. The server may be overloaded, down, or there may be too much net traffic.

Error: 3259

entourage error 3259

You hang around for few minutes and again tried to send the email by again the error message started popping up in the main interface.

You don’t know the reason behind error message. To resolve any issue you need to find out the cause behind it. If you know the cause behind the error then you can sort out the issue in better way without getting panic.  It is very annoying and disappointing error but don’t panic.  In such cases the user get panic and take the wrong step which dangerous for their valuable data stored in it. One wrong step and they can easily lose their data. It is a very heartbreaking moment for Entourage users whenever they try to send or receive email they find the error message popping up in the screen. The reasons behind the error message are many some of them are given below which will surely help you to reach the root of the error.

  • Due to the bad SMTP configuration the user get this error message while receiving any mails.
  • If the wrong port number is set for the outgoing connection the error 3259 occurs.
  • This error is also caused if there is a problem in SMTP authentication.
  • The other reason behind this error could be the server error.
  • If your entourage database is corrupted then it can also generate error 3259.

After getting the reason behind this error you might be looking for solution to get rid of this problem.  Below you have the complete solution to resolve this error.

To repair your entourage follow the below steps:

  • Make sure that your application is connected to Internet. Sign in to your account.
  • The first thing you need to do is to change the SMTP port to 587.

For Entourage 2008 users

  • Start your Entourage application.
  • Go to Tools -> Accounts. Double click on the account you need to set up. Move to sending mail items and select Click here for the advanced sending options.
  • Look for Override default SMTP port and check the check box and change the port value to 587.
  • Clear your outlook and then try to send email.

For Entourage 2004 users

  • Start your Entourage application.
  • Go to Tools -> Accounts.
  • Choose Account and click on Edit
  • Move to account setting tab. In the sending mail part type in SMTP server field.
  • Select Click here for the advanced sending options.
  • Look for Override default SMTP port and check the check box and change the port value to 587.
  • Click on the small box in the top left corner and click OK to close the edit window.
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If you didn’t find the above solution worthwhile then you need to create a new user account. You can try to rebuild the database by using inbuilt Database Utility. But if you find the error message aging then it might be because of corruption in entourage thus to resolve this error you need to use Entourage Repair Tool. The third party repair tool can easily help you to recover all your data hassle free. With the help of this repair you can recover Entourage data from any sort of corruption such as operating system failure, virus infection or application failure.