How to resolve Table Space corruption in DB2 database

By | February 12, 2016

table space corruption in db2DB2 is an enterprises RDBMS which provides proficient data safety & stores your database files with an extension .db2. It is mostly use for storing confidential and important business data. The data is stored in table form. The database tables are then further stored in the table space and if the table space gets corrupted or damaged due to some reason then the table as well the data within the table become inaccessible. In spite of its reliability and accuracy it gets corrupted and damaged and make you data inaccessible and un-retrievable that may cause huge loss in business. Well, there are various reasons behind the damaged DB2 table space, which include both logical and physical factors.

Reasons of Table space corruption:

  • DB2 Table space can get damage due to virus attacks, hardware failure, application corruption etc.
  • Table can also become inaccessible due to some common DB2 error.
  • Single Table corruption can also cause corruption in Table Space.
  • After a hardware crash, your DB2 table space is marked as offline. Though after resolving the hardware problem when you try to change the state of table from offline to online still the state doesn’t change instead it start displaying some error which make your table space corrupt.

Resolution Table space corruption:

You can easily fix the above given issues and can retrieve your data using the given below steps-

  • Drop the faulty table space and recreate it.
  • Now restore the DB2 database from the recent updated backup.

But what if you don t have a proper backup or though you have the recent backup still the repair process tends to fail. At this situation, the only option left with you is to use a third-party DB2 Repair Tool to recover your corrupt Table Space.

DB2 Repair Tool Software:

DB2 Repair Tool Software is totally safe and easy to use. In order to get rid of corrupt, damaged or inaccessible issue in your database file try this tool. This tool is a secure application, which can efficiently repairs and restores your damaged DB2 database by using a strong sophisticated database recovery algorithms. It can repair your tables, indexes, triggers, views, and other important data. It can also repair your large databases all you need to do is to download and run the tool in your system.

So, just download and install this toll and follow the given below guide to have your corrupted and damaged DB2 work in a healthy form.

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Steps to recover resolve Table Space corruption in DB2 file:

Step 1:  Download, Install, and Run DB2 File Repair software. It will provide two options to repair db2 file, the first option is for if the database is attached to DB2, then you can select the option ‘Repair the database stored at default location’, and if the database is not attached to DB2 then choose the manual selection of database.

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Step 2: It will provide you the list of database attached to DB2. Select the particular database you want to repair and recover corresponding database objects.

2 (2)

Step 3: In this step this tool provide the list of recoverable database files. You can see the preview by clicking on it.

3 (2)

Step 4: Give the path location for the recoverable database and its object to be saved. Click on ‘Ok’ button.

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